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By HealthcareGiGs Editor

Ebola Virus – A Comprehensive Guide on Ebola

We often hear the terms; it was a viral message; it spread like a viral disease; viral content and much more. It literally means something spreading or multiplying or aggravating too quickly! The term viral actually acquired a new meaning, with the influx of the fatal virus. Recently, a dreadful virus shook the world. The […]

By HealthcareGiGs Editor

Daily Habits that Kills You Slowly

Have you ever thought about your daily habits? Your routines? Your everyday activities? Now, it’s the time to create a checklist and eliminate those daily activities kills you gradually! Yes. Not many aware about the shocking fact that some common daily habits and activities are more likely to turn fatal. Most of us just go […]

By HealthcareGiGs Editor

Cancer Prevention 101 – Anti-Cancer Protocol

Cancer, the malignant tumors have been threatening the life of thousands of people in the recent years. Almost every individual in the world is exposed with the risk of developing some form of cancer at some point of life. It makes wise to stay cautious than becoming prey to cancer. Cancer cells don’t grow and […]

By HealthcareGiGs Editor

Glaucoma – An Inherited Vision Loss

Damages to the optic nerve of the eyes are termed as Glaucoma. Accumulation of excessive pressure inside the eyes causes this condition. An Inherited Eye Disease – Glaucoma It is an inherited eye disease and many times caused due to poor eye care. Optic nerve is responsible to transmit the images seen by the eyes to […]

By HealthcareGiGs Editor

Artificial Intelligence | Your new robotic doctor!

Millions die every day due to misdiagnosis or incorrect medical advice. For a better part of the last century, misdiagnosis has plagued the medical industry with no improvement. Since a very long time, doctors and scientists have dreamed of creating an artificial electronic brain that would assist doctors in diagnosing conditions and selecting correct treatments. […]

By HealthcareGiGs Editor

Hybrid Operating Rooms-The New Era of Surgical System

Hybrid operating rooms, the state-of-the-art technology facilitates a breakthrough in the surgical procedures. The way of medical practice and procedures are extensively influenced by the changing technology in the field. Hybrid Operating Room is an outcome of the progressions and blend of technology. Hybrid Operating Rooms – Fully Equipped Surgery Room Hybrid operating room is nothing […]

By HealthcareGiGs Editor

Printing Skin – A Realistic Skin Cure

Skin is the body’s largest and more sensitive organ. Skin reflects the overall health condition of a person. Skin is a defensive organ that prevents damages to the internal organs. Printing Skin – A Promising and Realistic Cure for Burn Victims and Severe Skin Damages The skin cells and tissues protect the body from loss […]