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Welcome to healthcare-gigs.com – A healthcare blog, which educates you with information related to Future healthcare, Health and Wellness, Eye care, Orthopedic, Cardiac care, Cancer care, Ayurveda, Yoga, Technology & much more.

Our website is the perfect place, which enables Patients, Doctors, Hospitals and other healthcare service providers to connect and share information with one another.

We create experiences that resonate with readers and help them resolve many of their medical problems.

On our website, Doctors and Medical writers have put forward their best write-ups in fields of medicine and healthcare to make it a useful site with memorable experience for you. You can find new and updated information on various topics on our website site.

We have listed below our various services and blogs.

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Our website is platform independent. You can open it using your mobile phones, tablets as well as your home PCs.

We provide various article writings such as –

a) Technology articles: Articles on the current healthcare market and transitions taking place in the world of medicine are covered in this section.

b) Future health care articles: This section covers future researches and technology in the field of healthcare. Any proposed medical thesis or experiments can also be covered in this section.

c) Orthopedic articles: Articles related to both surgical and nonsurgical means to treat musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital disorders are covered in this section.

d) Cardiac articles: Articles related to hearth, hearth surgeries, hearth problems, etc. can be mentioned in this section.

e) Ayurvedic articles: Ayurveda is a traditional medicine, which of late has become a craze all over the globe. Articles on Ayurvedic practices, medicines, efficiency, treatment, side effects, etc. can be covered in this section.

f) Yoga articles: Yoga is a set of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines that aim to transform our body and mind by improving general well being. Articles on the origin of yoga, various yoga forms, benefits, etc. can be mentioned in this section.

g) Cancer articles: Cancer is the current concern for millions around the world. Information related to cancer, its prevention, cure, medicines, health habits etc. can be covered here.


Registered Users and Privileges

Every registered user belongs to the following types with corresponding privileges:
a) Individuals can write their own articles under various sections in our web site.

b) Research and knowledge gain.

c) Reaching out to people with similar issues and sharing experiences.

d) Getting in touch with the doctors and taking their advice on various healthcare issues.

e) Enquiring about the services and products of the listed service providers and healthcare manufacturers.

a) Doctors can post their profiles and get listed in the doctor’s and hospital’s section.

b) Knowledge sharing and expert opinions

c) Showcase their expertise

d) Doctors can read, write, review as well as comment on the articles posted by other registered users.

Hospital/ Healthcare Service Provider
a) Share research and highlight services offered

b) Connect with patients by advertizing specific packages

c) Healthcare service providers can sponsor various blog sections

d) Can post ads related to the services they provide on different locations of our website.

e) CShowcase services provided by them and market it by suggesting it to the registered users

Healthcare Manufactures
a) Estimate demand and connect with prospective buyers

b) Can post ads related to the healthcare products they provide on different locations of our website

c) Healthcare service providers can sponsor various blog sections

d) Sponsor various blog sections, which they feel can market their product

e) Get in touch with the registered doctors and ask them to suggest their products to patients.

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