Bad Cholesterol Vs Triglycerides –The Real Focus

Heard about Triglycerides? About bad cholesterol? Obviously!

Then, there is a war between bad cholesterol vs triglycerides! What is triglycerides?

Caring your heart health? Raging cholesterol troubling you? Feeling afraid in the verge of heart disease? Restricting the cholesterol foods isn’t sufficient to save your heart! Your body needs good cholesterol, where as only bad cholesterol is harmful to the body! When it comes to heart care and heart health, the major focus falls on cholesterol! Restriction of high cholesterol foods isn’t the only solution! There is an indirect culprit equivalent to the bad cholesterol, called Triglycerides. Here is the brief outlook on Bad Cholesterol Vs Triglycerides with a focus on healthy heart.

Bad Cholesterol Vs Triglycerides

Bad Cholesterol:

Cholesterol is one of the essential fats required by the body cells. It is classified into two types, Good and Bad Cholesterol. The liver in our body produces cholesterol and our body receives cholesterol from the food we eat. Cholesterol cannot dissolve in the bloodstream. It is carried by the proteins called lipoproteins.

A few types of lipoproteins tend to react differently with different types of cholesterols. LDL, Low Density Lipoprotein is called as Bad cholesterol. Termed as bad cholesterol, LDL cholesterol remains as a deposit in the blood vessels, a think and hard blocks, causing clogged arteries. Clogged arteries may lead to a cardiac arrest.

HDL cholesterol, High Density Lipoprotein is good because it removes the fatty deposits in the arteries and blood vessels.

Bad cholesterol is often derived from,

  • Meat, poultry and other animal foods
  • Transfat – found in fried, packaged, processed foods.
  • Saturated Fat like baked foods, deep fried foods, processed foods, etc.


Let us see about triglycerides, the two culprits, bad cholesterol vs triglycerides.

Checking the cholesterol levels, sugar and pressure levels won’t be sufficient to keep your heart healthy and prevent heart diseases. You should look at the levels of lipids, a kind of fat in the blood stream, called Triglycerides. Needless to say, high levels of blood lipids, i.e triglycerides are harmful to heart. The risk of getting a heart disease is extremely high with high levels of triglycerides.

Every extra calorie you eat (your body doesn’t need the extra calorie) is converted into triglycerides by the body! These are stored as fat cells in the body. It is later released as energy by the hormones when you feel tired. Eating more calories, particularly fats and carbohydrates, are converted into triglycerides. So, if you eat often or eat more carbs, you may have stored more fat cells.

Bad Cholesterol Vs Triglycerides

Both are different forms of blood lipids with different functions. However, the target is heart, when the levels are increased. Even if you eat low cholesterol foods, you may have the risk of accumulation of triglycerides.

While bad cholesterol or high cholesterol levels may directly affect the heart functions, high levels of triglycerides thicken the arteries, increasing the risk of cardiac disease and stroke. This could be a possible reason that a healthy person may suddenly strike a stroke due to high triglycerides.

With respect to bad cholesterol vs triglycerides, the connection to the heart health between bad cholesterol is direct, whereas triglyceride is little more indirectly connected by increasing the risk of the cardiac diseases. However, high levels of triglyceride itself are very dangerous to the overall health. Obesity, metabolic disorders, hypothyroidism, etc are caused by high triglycerides.

Understood the differences between bad cholesterol vs triglycerides in ruining your heart?

End the war between bad cholesterol vs triglycerides.

Simple tips to reduce the levels of these alarming blood lipids:

  • Lose weight
  • Eat more fresh and fiber rich foods
  • Reduce the intake of processed foods
  • Avoid using refined foods
  • Go for healthy fats

Eating healthy and nutritious foods with moderate exercises and physically active lifestyle is the solution to avoid accumulation of cholesterol and triglyceride.

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