Beautiful Eyes Tips – Diet and Nutrition

Are you en eye-candy or an eyesore? Eyes are the epitome of the face. Beautiful and vivacious eyes are something desired by every girl. Eyes attract the people! It speaks more than your words! You may have heard a lot of gigs about using the simple home ingredients that make your eyes look so radiant, get rid of puffiness, dark circles, etc.

Beautiful Eyes Tips – Diet and Nutrition Play a Pivotal Role

Nutrition is quite essential to get those bright and beautiful eyes. Besides, caring for your eyes and intake of enough nutrients also keeps your eye health optimal, vision sharp and age gracefully without any eye problems! Beautiful eyes are within your reach. Just stroll through the list of groceries you buy or you eat! Here is your simple guide to beautiful eyes tips.

The Power of Green: Beautiful Eyes 

Green, especially dark green and leafy vegetables are richest source of vitamins, fiber, iron, calcium, and loaded with antioxidants etc. Green foods prevent the damages to the retina, prevent glaucoma and cataracts. There are many eye-friendly leafy greens are available! Include at least one green veggie or leafy vegetables in your diet, which includes but not limited to spinach, cucumber, okra, beans, broad beans, leafy vegetables, etc.

Munch colorfully, orange and yellow: Beautiful Eyes 

This is so popular that yellow and orange fruits and veggies have loads of beta carotene. Eyes and beta carotene go hand in hand! Without sufficient beta carotene, it is impossible to have healthy eyes. Vitamin A is vital to make your eyes adaptable seeing the bright lights! The body converts the beta carotene into Vitamin A. Loss of vitamin A means eye sensitivity to flashes, bright lights, etc. Some of the foods rich in Beta Carotene are Carrots, papaya, pumpkin / Butter Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Mangoes, Apricot, etc.

The skin friendly nutrition is good and essential for glowing eyes too! Vitamin C nourishes the eye health with its eye-protective antioxidants. Delay aging with sparkling eyes and healthy vision with adding Vitamin C in your daily diet.

Vibrantly Beautiful Eyes – Go Red! 

Natural red colored foods are rich in lycopene, and secondary antioxidants. Example, apple, tomatoes, beetroot, water melon, onions, etc. According to a recent study, low levels of lycopene results with development of macular degeneration, where as higher levels of lycopene aids in healthy vision.

Bright and vivacious beautiful eyes – the blue way!

Besides, blue and purple colored fruits and vegetables aids in retaining the beauty of the eyes. It reducing the oxidative stress and helps you retain the brightness of the eyes. Berries, raisins, cranberries, egg plant, plums, prunes, cabbage, etc.

White – the bright beauty

White foods (natural foods) are rich in beta-glucans which protects the eye retina. Some of the foods include, bananas, eggs, nuts and seeds, fish, garlic, mushroom, etc. Also, you can count on white foods for omega 3 fatty acids. Fatty fish, this doesn’t mean fish cooked with lots of oils and fats, but the omega 3 fatty acids found in fish.

Omega 3 fatty acids aids in prevention of dry eyes as well as macular degeneration caused due to ageing. Besides, omega 3 also helps in prevention of inflammation of the eyes. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, go for nuts and seeds, a rich source of omega 3. Remember, processed foods like sugar, flour, etc are not healthy!

Add atleast one food from each color group to make your eyes beautiful, vivacious and healthy! Remember, your eyes will be beautiful when you have no disturbances in your vision. Go for a colorful diet every day to enhance your vision and beauty of the eyes.

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