Healthy Bone Building – Vitamin D and Calcium

Healthy bone building! Do you know what retains our stability and motion in our body? Healthy and strong bones! Yes, bones are the support system of our body. Obviously any damages to the bone impart the mobility, makes it difficult to move our body. Imagine how you are immobilized by a fracture! So, it is crucial to manage your bones healthy to keep your body intact. Bone health 101 is just all about getting enough nutrition for healthy bone building. Here is your simple guide to healthy bone building!

Healthy bones are coherently connected with calcium! Milk, the staple food of infants and babies is a calcium rich food, fed to develop a strong support system at the very tender age. Poor calcium in your body means weaker bones and exposed with the risk of damages, cracks and fractures!

Staple Nutrition for Healthy Bone Building

Lesser known fact but getting popular owing to awareness about bone health is Vitamin D. Vitamin D and Calcium is like co-born twins attached to each other. Your body doesn’t have the ability to absorb the calcium if you lack in vitamin D! Essentially, adequate vitamin D and healthy doses of calcium grows and manages your bones strong.

Just like automatic removal of dead skin cells from our body, bones break down in minute parts and rebuild itself. The bone mass reaches its peak during the end of 20s. In your 30s, the loss of bone is more than the bone you gain. When your body lacks the nutrients to support rebuilding bone, your bone mass will reduce.  As you grow old, bone health tends to deteriorate inviting many degenerative diseases. For instance, osteoporosis, chronic arthritis, etc.  The super combo nutrients, Vitamin D and Calcium reduce your risk of getting the diseases caused due to weaker bones.

Healthy bone building involves how much you accumulate and contribute to your bone mass when you are young, during your teen. When you get any fracture, you will get rid of the disgusting condition quicker due to the ability of the bones to rebuild itself. Imagine a fracture when you are 50 + years! You cannot repair the loss. Prevention is better than cure. Now, plan for a healthy bone building with these simple tips.

A calcium rich diet to build healthy bone structure: 

Which foods are rich in calcium? Ok, if you are a lover of dairy products, cudos, you will find loads of calcium in milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.  A glass of milk two times a day along with greens and yogurt in your meal is sufficient to get your daily dose of calcium. Don’t like dairy products? Don’t worry, you have access to many non-dairy foods rich in calcium.

  1. Salmon and Sardines
  2. Kale
  3. Spinach
  4. Collard green
  5. Sesame seeds (Contains more calcium than milk)
  6. Almonds
  7. Fortified cereals

For vegans, you can munch on nutty snacks made of sesame seeds and jaggery.

Not to miss Vitamin D. Just a few minutes exposure to sunlight in the mornings and the evenings, your body will get daily dose to justify your calcium intake. Remember, it is free and don’t look for vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin K for healthy bone

Okay, healthy bone building isn’t about vitamin D and calcium! Known as a nutrient helping clotting the blood, Vitamin K also builds proteins for growing healthy bones.  Still, the exact way how Vitamin K is related to bone building is unidentified. Vitamin K deficiency results with low bone mineral density and slower bone rebuilding. Dark green vegetables are rich in Vitamin K.


With no apparent link to developing healthy bones, potassium indirectly helps improving the bone health. Lack of potassium retains the waste in the body. The lesser known health benefit of potassium is neutralizing the acids in the body that would remove the calcium, causing calcium deficiency.

Exercises and Yoga 

You know, staying healthy and fit is all that keeps the diseases at bay. In this context, bone health is no exception from doing exercises. Strength training exercises makes your bone strong. Yoga improves the flexibility and keeps your muscles robust, holding the bones together. Doing exercises regularly reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Reduce caffeine intake 

There are millions in the world who couldn’t kick start the day without a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Caffeine has many benefits to health, from boosting mood to acting as a laxative to the body. Consuming more than a cup or two of coffee a day decrease the bone mineral density and accelerates bone loss!

A warning and shocking information to chocolate lovers! Don’t stock up on chocolates as chocolate interrupt the bone health! If you are getting treated for low bone density or bone loss, stay away from eating chocolates.

Finally, quit smoking as your cigarette absorbs calcium from the body!

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