Healthy Heart Guide – Anti-Aging your Heart

You are so young at your heart! This is a flattering statement! A hear that carry so much love remains young forever! Jokes apart. Do you know your age of your heart or how healthy is your heart?

Heart is a muscle. It starts working from the very first moment we form in our mother’s womb and never ceases to work until we die. When we stay active, heart gets stronger. When we become lazy, the heart becomes weaker. Here is your simple guide to keep your heart healthy. You may age, but your heart won’t.

Preventive Measures to Healthy Heart


Fish’y Diet for Healthy Heart

Many studies revealed the fact that sea foods, especially Salmon, Sardines and Tune reduces the risk of heart diseases to a great extent and helps you manage healthy heart. Fish is rich in essential fatty acids, a nutrient that makes the heart stronger and healthier. If you aren’t a fish lover, go for nuts. A handful of nuts a day, enriches your cardiac health and assures you with young healthy heart. Alternatively, you can also have omega 3 supplements after taking prescription from a doctor.

Also, include more heart-friendly foods in your diet, namely, berries, legumes, oats, oliveoil, etc.

Focus on your waist line

Both overweight men and women carry so much weight around the waist. This is not a good sign, unless it is pregnancy. If your waist line is heavy and you carry bulges on your belly, it simply raises the blood pressure, affecting the lipid profile in a bad way. Simply, if your waist size is bigger than your breast or if you are unable to see your feet, you are more or less a cardiac patient. Get on the road to reduce the tummy size.

Also, include more heart-friendly foods in your diet, namely, berries, legumes, oats, oliveoil, etc.

Remember, it is all about the calorie intake and calorie you burn that makes the difference in losing pounds, fats and bulges. Specific spot reduction exercises or treatments won’t be helpful. Healthy heart? Remember healthy and trim waist line.

General health checkups

Having general health checkups at periodic intervals has become a routine in life. High blood pressure, high cholesterol along with extra weight than your ideal weight is a wake-up call to examine your cardiac health. It is not a big deal to regulate the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. With proper modifications in the food habits and daily activities, you can achieve optimal health and ensure healthy heart.


Lifestyle Tips to Healthy Heart


Meditate your way to anti-aging your heart

Staying too stressful affects the heart functions! Meditation is the best and cheapest way to combat stress. Meditation is the mind and body cleanser. It soothes your brain and balances the body. Of course, it won’t hurt when you meditate. Why not try to reduce the risk of heart problems?


Laughing out loud? Great! It is not just a stress buster, but also a good medicine for your heart. Laughing improves the blood flow and aids in proper functioning of blood vessels in the heart. Crack or joke, watch a comic movie, enjoy a comedy play or have fun with your pals for healthy heart.

Exercises your Way to Healthy heart

Exercising is the only way to keep you fit and healthy. Improve your cardiac health with special cardiac training sessions. You may seek assistance from a fitness trainer to stay on track. Aerobics, cycling, walking, swimming etc are good exercises to boost the heart health. Alternatively, you can also start practicing yoga.

Foods to Manage Healthy heart


Indulge in guilt free pleasures for a young and healthy heart

  • Eat loads of dark chocolates – Rich in anti-oxidants, stress buster, mood booster, and a heart friendly food that reduces the risk of develop any cardiac problems.
  • Sexual activity enhances the mood, reduces the depression, and
  • Drink red wine for healthy heart
  • Take break from regular schedules and enjoy your life
  • Develop a hobby, spend a me-time
  • Hear music

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