How Ayurveda Treat Orthopedic Injuries Successfully

How Ayurveda Treat Orthopedic Injuries Successfully

Ayurveda, the ancient form of medication, originated around 5000 years ago. It is potent enough to treat most horrifying orthopedic injuries and spinal ailments. Most of the orthopedic injuries don’t have a complete cure. Yet, ayurveda has promising cures and complete recovery.

Spinal ailments are a major part of orthopedic injuries. Most of the busy working group is exposed to spinal injuries.

How Ayurveda Treat Orthopedic Injuries Successfully?

This stream of medicine concentrates on healing the patient by maintaining a harmonized balance in their diet, workouts and body cleansing systems. This way it creates a balanced lifestyle and a healthy mind.

How ayurveda treat orthopedic injuries – it is a multi-step process.

How Ayurveda treats orthopedic injuries and spinal ailments

Since ages, Ayurveda has been a wonderful form of treatment even for most appalling cases. The therapy is given to patient based on following factors:

  • Prakriti
  • State of Agni
  • Other kinds of persisting ailments in the patient’s body
  • Apparent state of the patient

First Step – Assessment of patient by Ayurveda

Initial assessment is made by checking the pulse in the wrist. Most of the successful practitioners could diagnose the condition just with pulses. Besides, the practitioner assesses the patient based on his diet and lifestyle and by checking out twelve different pulse points. Apart from this, appearance of tongue, lips, eyes, overall skin and nails are also analysed. Assessment of all these elements provides the answer for how ayurveda treat orthopedic injuries.

Step 2 How ayurveda treat orthopedic injuries – Creating a treatment plan based on dosha

It assists the practitioner to determine the doshas and imbalances in his body, called as “Prakriti”. Prakriti is the next step that helps designing the treatment plan based on the assessment. The treatment plan generally comprises of the type of diet, herbal treatment, meditation and massage type. These aspects help in restoring the balance and rejuvenating the body.

How ayurveda treat orthopedic injuries – Eliminate the symptoms and causes

The treatment plan derived by the practitioner is also based on the symptoms of the patient. Some of the common symptoms of orthopedic injuries and spinal ailments include

  • Acute cutting pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Lower back pain continued to legs due to affected nerves
  • Herniated disc caused due to tearing sensation in spine

How ayurveda treat orthopedic injuries – Treatment Process

The orthopedic treatment is based on the “Chakra Samhita”. Ayurvedic herbal formulations are offered to the patient to treat various stages of orthopeedic disorders.

In most cases, massage is prescribed and performed on the patient. Authentic oil massage is performed to relax the muscles, reduce the inflammation, reduce the pain, improve movements and heal the internal injuries. Different types of herbal mixes are used for different ailments and patients. Besides, various strokes of messages are performed to heal the injuries.

How ayurveda treat orthopedic injuries – personalized suggestions

Apart from that “Panchkarma therapy” is an effective type of treatment for bone and joint disorders. It is a whole body cleansing and rejuvenation system.

“Kadeegraham” is a severe form of back pain also known as slip disc that can be well treated by Ayurveda. “Sandhivislesham or Asti Chyudi” on the other hand is a kind of slip disc that involves following set of treatments-

  • Bone alignment with massage
  • Specific kind of healing procedures to restore the slip disc
  • Offering strength to the affected zone and revitalizing the entire spine (svedhana, vasti, etc)

Apart from all these set of treatments, personalized yoga and pranayama are also suggested. Once the patient undergoes modifications in his lifestyle along with balanced diet, it aids in complete recovery.

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