How Yoga Benefits Body and Mind – Yoga for Optimal Health

Yoga is a mind-body practice! Practicing yoga is a personification of health and well being. It is more than any exercise. With so many alarming diseases lined up in the modern world, regular practice of yoga is one of the sure-fire ways to prevent developing many diseases and disorders. Besides it has many benefits to the body and mind. Here is an outlook on how yoga benefits body and mind!

Increase flexibility

ID-100215656One of the major aspect on how yoga benefits body and mind yoga is flexibility to the body. Hard and stiff muscles are relaxed with different poses. For example, stretching yoga poses. Stiff body and flexible body make a difference in chronic illness. It also soothes the nerves. For instance, stiff muscles cause pain; twists in the nerves, etc; when the entire body is relaxed and flexible, you will feel light and prevent chronic illness!

Aids in weight loss

How yoga benefits body and mind – weight loss! Whether or not you intend to practice for weight loss, it helps you lose weight. Besides, you can manage yourself with healthy weight. Losing weight with yoga will not happen quickly! It will be a slow pace, but you can retain the healthy weight for a long term. Overweight is the major cause of many chronic disorders. So, go for yoga to lose weight.

Tones the body


Yoga asanas is not about a few numbers of poses! Even pose has numerous variations. For instance, sun salutation, a set of 12 poses has different variations. You can perform the same asanas in different styles availing number of benefits. For instance, sun salutation in a slow pace, in a fast pace, stretching sun salutation, etc. Overall, unlike some exercises with limited scope, yoga tones the whole body. Toned body gives you a beautiful physique and also aids in weight management.

Strengthen bones, muscles and nerves

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As said earlier, you make you a stronger person! Physically and mentally. Yes, certain yoga poses strengthen the bones. A set of poses tones the muscles and aids in flawless mobility. Besides, it soothes the central nervous system, replenish the nerves. Overall, it boosts the bone and muscle strength. While bone related health conditions pose a nightmare to the many individuals, doing yoga will make your bones very stronger.

Natural pain reliever

How yoga benefits body and mind? As a pain reliever! Yoga poses that involve twists and stretches relaxes the body. It reduces the inflammation of the muscles and tendons. It acts as a natural pain reliever.


Improved blood circulation

Yoga is generally practiced with rhythmic breathing. Every benefit of yoga is interlinked with other. When you gain flexibility, you will have an improved blood circulation from head to toe. For instance, downward dog facing or shirasana induces blood flow to the head. All blood in the body reaches the head. Blood circulation to all parts of the body is ensured.

Mental Health



Yoga is the best preventive as well as curative medicine to boost the mental health. It improves the brain functions. For instance, Vrukshasana, tree pose helps developing a sense of balance, concentration, stability of mind, etc. Yoga reduces the mood swings, stress, etc. One of the best cures on how yoga benefits body and mind.

The other ways how yoga benefits body and mind?

  • Prevents and delays the onset of chronic ailments from diabetes to osteoporosis
  • Improves metabolism and keep your heart healthy
  • Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Stimulate the optimal functions of body
  • Make your skin glow
  • Delays aging
  • Help you stay fit and stronger
  • Prevents breakage or damage of bones, tendons and cartilages
  • Helps you de-stress
  • Boost your sexual health

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