Mind and body rejuvenation with Panchakarma

Imbalance in the mind and body causes diseases. From ayurvedic perspective, diseases are caused due to aggravation of certain dosha, creating an imbalance. Both overactive and underactive dosha leads to many health ailments, from simple conditions to chronic ones. Ayurvedic treatment focuses on regaining body’s natural balance. It, in turn regains health and longevity. Ayurveda has a miraculous full-fledged therapy to cure chronic ailments. Mind and body rejuvenation is possible only with this therapy. It is termed, Panchakarma. Panchakarma rejuvenate and revitalize the whole body and mind.

Let us see briefly about mind and body rejuvenation with panchakarma.

Mind and body rejuvenation – Nourishing Therapy

Pancharkarma, the mind and body rejuvenation therapy has a set of five procedures. Panchakarma, literally means Five Therapies.

These procedures are performed in a specific order. Based on aggravation of dosha, health conditions, prevailing ailments, etc the concoctions and herbs used in therapies may differ.

The therapies include,

  • Vamana
  • Virechana
  • Nasya
  • Basti and
  • Raktamokshana

Being a complete mind and body rejuvenation as well as purification procedure, Panchakarma removes the deep-rooted causes of the diseases.


It refers to an emesis procedure. It is generally performed to balance Kapha dosha, excessive cold. Warm milk with herbal mix or butter milk is provided to the patient. Subsequently, vomiting is induced by feeding an ayurvedic concoction. This goal of this procedure is to remove all obstructions in the respiratory organ. Besides, kapha dosha invites all toxins. It also treats chronic disorders of skin, (lungs are cleared), allergies, fever, psychological disorders, congestion, etc.


It is a purgative therapy. Purgation is nothing but inducing bowel movements. Although it is similar to laxatives, Virechana completely cleanses the internal organs by removing all accumulated wastes. This therapy focuses on balancing the pitta dosha, excessive heat in the body. It has no side-effects as ayurvedic concoctions are prepared carefully to induce bowel movements. The therapy treats all digestive troubles, chronic skin disorders, joint disorders, gynecological disorders, etc.


A simple nose cleaning therapy with miraculous benefits. The entire head and neck region is rejuvenated with Nasya. A few drops of medicated oil is dropped on nostrils. Accumulation of toxins, congestions, mucus, and disorders in the head and neck region is cured. It relieves insomnia; improves vision; treats neck and head ache; relieves migranes; treats neck stiffness; improves brain function; and a lot more.


Basti is an ayurvedic enema. It is the supreme therapy of all five-step mind and body rejuvenation therapies. It cleanses the colon. Medicated oil, ghee, milk, herbal mix, etc are given as enema. Most of the chronic diseases and lifestyle disorders are cured with Basti. To name a few, cervical spondylosis, chronic back pain, knee pain, irritable bowel syndrome, piles, obesity, colitis, digestive conditions, etc.


It is a blood cleansing therapy. Owing to the high risk of blood infection, it is not performed widely.

The entire treatment session lasts for a few days to few weeks. The patients who take this mind and body rejuvenation therapy will be under supportive care and guidance. Special easily digestible foods are prescribed by ayurvedic practitioners.

Not everyone may require all five therapies of panchakarma for mind and body rejuvenation. A few therapies may be ignored. It will be decided by the ayurvedic specialist. Besides, additional ayurvedic therapies are also performed.

Get a new life after this mind and body rejuvenation therapy!

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