Preventing Breast Cancer – A Guide to Longevity

Breast cancer is difficult to cope, is life threatening, is painful and is fatal! Still, women are more powerful to protect and aggravate the growth of tumors before it spread the wings. With simple preventive measures and meticulous lifestyle habits, breast cancer is still beatable. Remember that every single woman in the world is exposed with the risk of getting breast cancer at some point of time in their life and may not! Preventing breast cancer? Yes certainly possible.

Preventing breast cancer – Nothing but possible

Ward off your risk of developing breast cancer and vanish away your odds with ease!  Following are the few tips on preventing breast cancer!

Watch out your Weight Post Menopause

The first step in preventing breast cancer is post menopausal health. The bigger is your size and more is your weight, you are more likely to develop tumor cells. Since breast cancer is associated with hormonal fluctuations, the risk of cancer is high in post-menopausal women. If you gain wPreventing Breast Cancer – A Guide to Longevityeight post menopause, the breast cancer often arise. Make sure to keep your weight and size in control after menopause. While post menopause is a difficult phase in women’s life, modifying the life style helps a lot.

Preventing breast cancer by staying physically ctive

Non-cancerous cells called benign tumors can overpower and grow into malignant tumors in a body that has poor immunity and poor oxygenation. Based on the reports on cancer research, cancer cells do not grow in an oxygenated environment! The risk of breast cancer can be reduced by 50 percent just by staying active. Irrespective of your age, just kick start your physical activity routine. Moderate exercise or walking or yoga for 30 minutes a day with meditation or deep breathing is just sufficient to attack cancer cells before it attacks you. Besides, staying active also counts on staying fit and healthy, control over weight, etc.

Eat to Health for preventing breast cancer

The choice of foods you include in your diet may contribute to growth of breast cancer. Simply, go for a diet that is colorful with choice of fresh produce, lean meat and fish! Avoid or reduce the consumption of processed foods which are high in transfat, sugar and contain artificial preservatives.

Anti-Cancer Diet the best way for preventing breast cancer 

There are many foods with cancer fighting properties. Cruciferous vegetables have natural cancer fighting abilities and make perfect anti-cancer foods.  Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, kale, etc. Following anti-cancer diet prevents and reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Cancer fighting foods include,

  • Berries
  • Green Tea
  • Indian Spices
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • White foods – other than refined sugar

Diet Tips – Preventing Breast Cancer

  • Choose vegetable and edible oils over animal fats
  • Reduce the intake of carbonated beverages
  • Eat pizzas, burger, bacon, meat and fries less often
  • Pick up lean meat and fish
  • Switch to whole grains and whole foods, reduce the intake of refined foods
  • Add lot of flavors and freshness to your foods with herbs and spices

Breastfeed your Baby for preventing breast cancer

As mentioned above, hormonal imbalance enhances the risk of breast cancer. Feeding the baby prevents the risk of getting breast cancer. Breastfeed the baby as long as possible. Breastfeeding keeps your hormonal fluctuations in control, keeps your baby healthy with good immune and also helps you lose the baby weight.

Regulate your Menstrual Cycle

It is essential to keep an eye on your menstrual cycle. It is known that proper and regular menstrual cycle prevents numerous diseases affecting women. Breast cancer is one among them. Breast cancer risk is increased in post-menopausal women as mentioned above. So, check on your menstrual cycle, get it regular and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Periodic examination for screening and preventing breast cancer

The best way to prevent breast cancer is periodic examination! Women in 30s should undergo breast examination at least once in two years to detect the early signs. Detection of breast cancer at early stage prevents the aggravation and helps treating the disease with ease.

What to do if you know if your mother has breast cancer? Is preventing breast cancer possible? 

Breast cancer is an inherited condition! Risk of breast cancer is high when the first relatives like mother, grandmother, etc are diagnosed with breast cancer. With antecedents of breast cancer in your family, the chances of developing breast cancer is twice or thrice higher than a woman who doesn’t have such family history. But the increased risk doesn’t always result towards development of the disease. Proper and regular examination in form of clinical breast examinations, self breast examinations, mammography, etc are recommended to assess the personal risk.

Remember the story of Angelina Jolie? Since her mother had breast cancer, she underwent mastectomy owing to her huge risk of cancer. However, mastectomy isn’t the only option left for women who are exposed with the risk of breast cancer.

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