Stress Relief Yoga – Mental Healing

Yoga is a form of self healing therapy. Stress is a major triggering cause of many lifestyle disorders. A stress free zone is impossible! Yet, you can easily overcome stress and depression with some easy stress relief yoga. It rejuvenates and nourishes the entire body and mind. Regular practice of stress relief yoga helps your mind stay concentrated, relaxed, fresh and calm! Give your mind a boost with some simple yoga poses and enter the stress free zone!

Stress Relief Yoga

It is basically the way we do the yoga asanas makes the difference. Exercises are also considered stress busters. Yet, yoga makes us slow down, deep rhythmically. It makes the difference. However, not all yoga poses are effective stress relief yoga! There are specific asanas which carries more power in relaxing the mind and impart restfulness.

The following stress relief yoga poses very simply. Some may appear quite funny and childish too!


child pose

Bala means child! This is a child pose. Sit on your knees. Raise your arms. Gradually lower your upper body and try to touch the floor with forehead. Keep the hands stretched and let the palms touch the floor. Stretch your body as far as possible, with comfort.

The entire body will be relaxed. It will make you enter into a state of meditation.

Viparita Karani

Stress relief yogaWhile the name may sound a little hard, this is actually a fun stress relief yoga pose. Lie on the floor, gradually raise your legs with wall support. Keep the hands stretched either site. The entire leg from thighs should rest on the floor, while the upper part of the body should lie on the floor.

Uttana Shishosana

extended puppy poseSimply, it is called a puppy pose. It is a variation of the child pose. Sit on your knees. Slowly bend your upper body and do the child pose, as mentioned above. Raise your mid-body, chest and abdomen. Place your head on the floor, with arms stretched.

It is also a modified version of Downward Dog Pose. It gives an effect like nourishing the heart. It relieves the tension from the neck and shoulders. The slouch upper body is relaxed. The brain is energized with enriched blood and oxygen.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Nothing but downward dog pose! This pose has numerous benefits and healing powers. It is one of the poses in Surya Namaskhar.

How to boost immunity with yogaSit on your knees or sit like a four legged animal. Get balance with knees and hands. Gradually raise knees from the floor. Gradually lower your head towards the floor. Your body will be like inverted ‘V’. Balance well with hands and legs.

It gives complete stretch to the whole body. It relieves fatigue; ensure blood flow to head; get rid of nose blocks, rejuvenates the mind; builds strength;


ShavasanaSavasana is a major part of yoga practice. It is nothing by lying on the floor. The eyes are closed with hands and legs spread apart in a very relaxing manner. You should concentrate on the breathing. This stress relief yoga pose trigger the body’s natural response to relaxation. You can do the same by lying on your stomach.

Stress relief yoga helps you decompress your mind. The brain function is nourished. The brain cells are stimulated for optimal function.

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