Types of Cancer Treatment

Cancer isn’t one of the deadliest diseases that have no cure. Most type of cancers has complete cure and recovery although there are chances of recurrence! With advancements in the healthcare and awareness about cancer, thousands of cancer patients emerge as cancer survivors.

Types of Cancer Treatment

The treatment to cure cancer is based on the intensity, that is stage of cancer and the parts affected therein. Following are the different types of cancer treatments performed to fight against tumors.

Among the different types of cancer treatments, surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are most commonly performed.

Different Types of Cancer TreatmentsSurgery – one of the common types of cancer treatment

Surgery is the primary cancer treatment. Most cancer patients will undergo some form of surgery to get rid of the disease. Surgery is most beneficial and relatively harmless when the disease is diagnosed in the initial stages, i.e when the tumor cells don’t spread to other parts of the body. Surgery is also performed to remove the organs completely damaged by cancer cells. Simply, when the organ can no longer function effectively and intensely affected by tumors, it will be surgically removed. For instance, breast removal, ovary removal, etc.

Based on the intensity of the cancer cells spread in the body, surgery is performed before or after other cancer treatments. When surgery isn’t sufficient to remove the whole tumor cells from the body, partial surgery is performed. This is followed by chemotherapy or radiation to kill the remaining tumor cells in the body.


Known as a dreadful cancer treatment, chemotherapy is one of the most effective types of cancer treatment to remove cancer cells from the body. It is administered through drugs that prohibit the growth of cancer cells and spreading of cancer cells to other parts of the body. Since it obstruct the growth of rapidly growing cancer cells with immediate effect, it destroys the healthy cells and tissues in the body. This is the reason that most cancer patients scare about chemotherapy. Chemotherapy has a lot of side effects, yet the effects get better and vanish away soon after the treatment sessions are completed.

Chemotherapy is performed to cure cancer, to control spreading of cancer cells and to shrink the size of tumor cells which are relatively larger to get removed through surgical procedure. It is given through injection and IV, orally as drug and topically as cream.

Cancer patients who advanced stage 1 and 2 definitely need this treatment to get rid of the disease.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy comes as a primary as well as secondary or adjuvant therapy, one of the supporting types of cancer treatment. Unlike chemotherapy, radiation therapy doesn’t harm the health cells of the body. Radiation is passed to the body externally through a radiating machine. Alternatively, it is also given internally by marking the tumors using CT scan. Besides, this therapy is also performed together with surgery to reduce size of tumors.

Generally, this treatment is performed to remove the remains of the cancer cells in the body. Alternatively, these types of cancer treatments or therapies is also performed as palliative therapy, where the symptoms and further growth are suppressed by shrinking the size of tumors. In some form of cancers, radiation therapy alone is sufficient to treat cancer.

Radiation therapy has some side effects, but very mild.


As indicated by its name, the treatment focuses on regaining and restoring the immunity and body’s natural ability to destroy cancer. Owing to the growth and advancements in the medical sector, cancer immunology field advanced extensively. Body’s response to growth of cancer is enhanced with boosting the immune power in a number of ways. It includes stimulating cells to fight cancer, developing antibodies to destroy tumors, vaccines, shrinking tumor cells, etc.

Stem Cell Therapy

A few types of cancer treatment are based on stem cell therapy and it is one of the commonly used types of cancer treatment for decades. For instance, leukemia, lymphoma, etc. Also referred as bone marrow transplantation it is often performed to restore the balance in the body. A transplant is performed after successful chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Since the chemo and radiation may destroy the health stem cells, bone marrow or stem cell is transplanted after these therapies. A successful implantation will produce fresh cells and fight against remains of cancer cells in the body.

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