Vision Problems in Children – Are you Fostering?

Are you one of the proud parents who cherish that your little one knows everything about your phone and operate your tablet effortlessly? Then this is for you! You are ruining your child’s vision by providing them with hi-tech gadgets.

Fostering Vision Problems in Children – Are you ruining your child health?

From the moment the child wake up, they are surrounded by blue screens! Whether it is home or school, children just look at smart phones, smart boards, computers, etc. Have you ever had a concern that how much the smart screens affect the child’s vision? It is true that we live in the world of technology and computers have become an important part of our lives. Although it is impossible to ignore using the gadgets, you can reduce the exposure of screens to kids to raise them healthy!

Vision problems in children – A New episode of digital era

Vision problem is seen very normal these days and even children accept the problems in vision. Watery eyes, mild head ache, irritation, etc are accepted by kids. The concern arises when they find difficulty in seeing objects clearly and constantly experience blurred vision. So, parents should be cautious in detecting the signs of vision problem at an early stage.

Based on a recent study, it is revealed that vision problems in children and pre-teens are aggravating. Until the past seven to ten years, strained vision with headaches, blurred vision or dry eyes were not diagnosed commonly in children. With the advent of smart gadgets, digital devices and smart screens everywhere, kids are often diagnosed for eye problems. Doctors called it computer vision syndrome.

If you are worried about the vision problems in children, just get a periodic eye examination!

Vulnerable blue damaging eye health – One of the major vision problems in children

Blue is a soothing color when it is a part of nature. However, the same blue shades become irritating as well as unhealthy. Blue light is used as black light in the digital devices. From television to iPods, blue light is totally damaging! Moreover, schools are widely using the digital class rooms harnessing the power of technology. So, the damaging blue screen is just everywhere damaging the vision. Just imagine what would happen to them if they continue to use digital devices and television at home!

Are you ignorant about vision problems in children?

Did you notice any changes in your child’s vision? Have you noticed the struggle or watery eyes or any mild struggles you child experience? If your child watches videos or plays in a smartphone or tablet some time before bed time, they need a minimum of extra two to three hours of sleep in the morning to stay fresh. Have you noticed it? When you make your child asleep without television and digital devices, they wakeup fresh in the usual time and stay active for the whole day!

To save deterioration of vision and other vision problem in children, parent should analyze a few elements.

  1. How long the child used a digital device the whole day in school
  2. How much break he or she had / or how often they had breaks

Possible Complications of vision problems in children

Using digital devices not just strain the eyes, but also result with long term eye problems. It includes,

  • Astigmatism – Blurred or glaring vision
  • Near / Far Sightedness – it may necessitate wearing glasses
  • Amblyopia – Reduced vision power
  • Strabismus – Crossed eyes
  • Sensitivity to light, head and neck pain, deprived sleep, etc.

Many parents have an opinion that they could simple let the child wear lenses or stylish glasses. Remember that using digital devices without sufficient breaks is a brain damaging habit.

Solutions to the vision problems in children

The only solution available to prevent vision problems in children is reducing the screen time. While it is not possible to avoid using digital devices, you may shift the focus of your child on something else! Take the children to a park, let them play outside, play with toys, read books, (please avoid giving ebooks to children), and engage them in doing some craft work.

Follow this 20-20-20 rule to prevent vision problem – 20 minutes screen? Watch something at 20 feet distance for 20 seconds!

Limit screen usage before bed. After dinner, no digital devices.

Monitor the usage time of the smart devices. You may also get some screen protector to your computer / laptop and smart phones to reduce the vision problems.

Finally, feed them nutritious foods to enhance the vision.

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