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Losing weight is one of the most challenging experiences many encounters. Weight loss is not an easy thing. Yet, it is definitely not a difficult aspect. Weight loss has become a successful term in the market place. Don’t go for the weight loss supplements. Natural weight loss is the best way to shed all those extra flabs without any side effects. There is only viable option available. Weight loss yoga! Yes, get your hands on weight loss yoga. Get rid of the excess fat, tone your body, stay healthy with added radiance.

What is weight loss yoga?

There isn’t a specific term or any asana called weight loss yoga. Yet, there are certain yoga poses that are extremely effecting in reshaping the body. Combination of those exercises with nutritious diet helps you lose oodles of weight with ease.

Yoga is just the great way to lose weight permanently. Just like festival bonanza, you will get additional health benefits free of cost!

Giving you a set of yoga poses for regular practice to lose weight naturally! These are some basic yoga asanas. They are easy to perform.

Sun Salutation:

how to do sun salutation

Also termed as Surya Namaskar, it is a set of 12 different poses followed in the prescribed manner. The benefits of sun salutation are many! To know more about how to do sun salutation properly and the benefits, read here.

Sun salutation is just enough to improve your health and keep your weight in control!

Wind-relieving Pose – Pavanamuktasana


weight loss yogaThis asana help you melt the fat in the abdomen area.

Lie on your back. Raise one leg and bend the leg from the knee. Hold the bent leg with your hands. Press the legs on your stomach. Try to raise your head. Hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat it with another leg. As you practice regularly, you will find it very comfortable to raise your head, touch the knee with your chin.



Have you seen a cobra with raised head? Then it will be simple for you! Lie on the floor with your belly. Place your hands comfortably near the chest. Raise your head, upper body and upper abdomen slowly supported by hands. Make sure that the legs are stretched. The top of the feet should press the floor.



480px-Tadasana_Yoga-Asana_Nina-MelTermed as mountain pose, it is nothing but standing straight with hands raised. Try to stretch your body standing straight as much as possible. It soothes back, neck and knee area.


480px-Utkatasana_Yoga-Asana_Nina-MelIt is a very simple pose. Yes, it appears very simple, but will be slightly difficult. Utkatasana is nothing but chair pose. You have to sit as if you sit in a chair but without a chair. Do this yoga for 50 – 100 counts. This is a whole body weight loss yoga pose, tones the entire body. Get wall support initially.



Lie on your belly. Place your hands in a relaxed position near or under thighs. Place your forehead and chin on the floor. Raise your left leg without any support to the maximum comfort level possible. Make sure that raised leg is straight. Hold it for 10 counts. Repeat the same with right leg. (During initial phases, you can get support by placing your hands on floor)

Simple stretches

ID-100110797 ID-100110633 ID-100204019 ID-100300256Do some simple stretches to make your body more flexible!

Tips on Weight Loss Yoga

  • Do it regularly. Practice weight loss yoga religiously as we breathe, we eat and we sleep!
  • You cannot say, ‘I’m not losing weight’ after a week’s practice!
  • Don’t find excuses to skip the practice. Try to schedule the practice at least for 4 days a week.
  • Don’t rush for results. You did not gain the weight overnight. You cannot lose weight in a day or two.
  • Start slowly. Move in a gradual pace. Don’t hurry and trouble yourself with heavy yoga practice.
  • You will experience moderate to severe pain in the initial three to five days. The pain is caused due to stretching the muscles. It is normal. The pain will ease away in a week’s time.
  • Weight loss yoga results may vary with every individual. A few may find the difference very soon and a few may not.
  • Slower is the pace of weight loss, longer you can retain it.

You could be able to see the visible differences in a few weeks of regular practice.

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