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Staying fit has no excuses. Healthy body and mind beat away all odds. Due to hectic schedule, most individuals couldn’t spend time with the partners. As you progress in your career, health and relationships are often ignored, rather overlooked. A cozy and warm relationship is quintessential for everyone.

Why Yoga with Partner?

Yoga fosters you multiple health benefits. From staying cool and composed, yoga prevents chronic illnesses and metabolic disorders. It keeps you young! Why not you try yoga with partner? Yoga is an art. It is also a way of living. Staying fit has no excuses.

Since the couples run for making money in different directions, they do hardly find time to spend together.

  • Doing yoga with partner helps you regain spark in your relationship.
  • It increases your intimacy.
  • It makes you spend time together.
  • It assists you in mastering a few difficult poses.
  • It will be a fun time.
  • It also aids in getting connected with your part, body, mind and soul!
  • It regains health and love

All these benefits are like extra rewards for practicing yoga with partner.

Recommended asansa to perform yoga with partner

The yoga poses mentioned below need some practice to perform alone. However, when practiced with partner, you have an extra support to do it perfectly.



It is a tree pose. Standing in one leg! Stand up straight with hands stretched upwards. Join your palms and place the hands above your head. You should stand straight. Raise one leg and place the foot of the leg comfortably on the thigh. Count for few seconds.

It will be difficult to stand with single leg balance. When you do this yoga with partner, get support by standing back to back. Alternatively, you can join one arm of partners respectively.

This pose tones the whole body, improves concentration and relaxes muscles.


It is called wheel pose. Just like bending forward, you should bend backwards. The body should be like a wheel, with legs and hands supporting the body.


Lie on the floor on your back with knees bent. Slowly raise your hips. Raise your hands, bend it backside. Try to raise your head. (this is the difficult phase). Ask your partner to stand on your feet (on the bent knees). Since you have the extra grip, you can now raise your whole body and look like a wheel!

Alternatively, your partner can put a towel around your waist and help you raise your body to get the right pose.

The benefits of chakrasana are plenty! Entire abdominal area is toned. It is one of the effective weight loss yoga too!



Called as boat pose, this pose is one of the difficult ones to perform! You should sit like ‘V’ shape with hands stretched horizontally. Only if you gain the stability and balance in your body, you can do this.

Lie on your back. Gradually raise your upper body, Raise both your legs. Stretch hands and place it parallel to the legs. You should sit on your butt. When you practice this yoga with partner, you can easily do this pose.

Ask your partner to hold your hands when you try to perfect this pose. Alternatively, you both can do this simultaneously giving support. Sit facing each other. As you try to get this pose, hold your hands. This gives additional support and a perfect pose!

Downward Dog Posing and Backward Bending  


When you decide to connect with your partner, through yoga with partner, you can give your own twist. For instance, you both need not perform the same poses. Here is one example:

When you perform downward dog pose, your partner can do backward bending, getting support from you. And vice versa.

Forward bending (Seated) and Chair Pose

As mentioned above, when one performs forward seated bending, (Pakshimothasana) you bend like a bird, the other one can try chair pose, getting support from back.Start and end your session of yoga with partner practicing breathing exercises.

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