Ophthalmology / Eye care

common eye problems

Eyes, the epitome of the face are exposed with many problems. Even a minor irritation in the eyes ca [..]

fostering vision problems in children

Are you one of the proud parents who cherish that your little one knows everything about your phone [..]


Cataract is one of the common diseases of the eyes caused due to aging. It is characterized by cloud [..]

Beautiful eyes

Are you en eye-candy or an eyesore? Eyes are the epitome of the face. Beautiful and vivacious eyes a [..]


Damages to the optic nerve of the eyes are termed as Glaucoma. Accumulation of excessive pressure in [..]


Diabetic retinopathy refers to the eye disease where the blood vessels of the retina are affected. I [..]

black eye

Eyes are the epitome of the face. Eyes reflect your health and your mood. There are many common inju [..]