Future Medicare

genomic medicine

Genomic medicine—an aspirational term 10 years ago—is gaining momentum across the entire clinica [..]

artificial intelligence

Millions die every day due to misdiagnosis or incorrect medical advice. For a better part of the las [..]

3D Printing

Have you ever imagined printing a human kidney or any other organ in real time, and not just in a pi [..]

regenerative medicine

If a lizard can regenerate its tail back, if a snail can grow its head back, then why can’t a huma [..]

IBM watson

For the last couple of years, scientists at IBM have been developing what they expect will be the wo [..]

google glass

Digital healthcare is revolutionizing the way health care used to be viewed by people. With the inte [..]

stem cells in space

Stem cells are our body’s natural reservoir. We all have stem cells at work inside us. Right now, [..]

gps tracking devices

The need of the health care industry today is to minimize the distance factor between patients and t [..]

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is also known as “Homecare Telehealth”, which allows a patient to use [..]


The biggest problem facing the healthcare industry today is, to bring the right clinical expertise t [..]