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There is an increasing in demand for the wearable devices. Of course, the increase in consciousness [..]

fostering vision problems in children

Are you one of the proud parents who cherish that your little one knows everything about your phone [..]

Beautiful eyes

Are you en eye-candy or an eyesore? Eyes are the epitome of the face. Beautiful and vivacious eyes a [..]

planning for pregnancy

Pregnancy and subsequent parenthood is quite blissful. If you have decided to plunge into a new phas [..]

daily habits

Have you ever thought about your daily habits? Your routines? Your everyday activities? Now, it’s [..]

heal orthopedic injuries

Eat nutritious food for a healthy body! The role of nutrition is not limited to providing optimal he [..]

should I eat before or after exercise

Kicking start your exercise routine? Congrats. You have made a right move towards developing healthy [..]

back pain prevention tips

Back pain! Low back pain, Disc bulge, loss of bone density, aching back, etc are commonly seen every [..]