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There is an increasing in demand for the wearable devices. Of course, the increase in consciousness [..]


Since ancient times, various types of healing systems existed in the Asian Subcontinent. Regarded as [..]


It is almost winter now. Winter is called the season of cold, flu and infections. Changes of every s [..]

yoga with partner

Staying fit has no excuses. Healthy body and mind beat away all odds. Due to hectic schedule, most i [..]


Everyone longs for a flatter stomach! Unfortunately, when you are gaining weight abdominal area attr [..]

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Losing weight is one of the most challenging experiences many encounters. Weight loss is not an easy [..]

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Yoga is a form of self healing therapy. Stress is a major triggering cause of many lifestyle disorde [..]

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Yoga is a mind-body practice! Practicing yoga is a personification of health and well being. It is m [..]

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When it comes to practicing yoga, sun salutation, aka Surya Namaskaram is one of the most important [..]

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Health is wealth! If you are physically and mentally healthy, you can beat all odds away! Changing l [..]


Heart, the fist sized organ is made of muscles, chambers, valves and blood vessels. Any malfunctions [..]


Heart failure refers to the condition where the heart is unable to pump or find it difficult to pump [..]