Cure Joint Dislocations with Herbs

Joint dislocations have become one of the common lifestyle conditions. At some point of life, mild or severe, many experience this painful condition.

Bones keeps our body stabilized. Connected with so many tissues and muscles, bones are prone to misalignment and dislocations. Especially, joints are more vulnerable to get dislocated. Aging, wear and tear, loss of muscle mass, poor diet, ligament weakness, accident, etc causes misalignment and dislocation of joints.

In most cases, knee joints are affected. Knees hold the entire body weight. When the body weight increases, the ligaments and connective tissues loses it elasticity to hold the bones together. It increases the risk of joint dislocations.

Although there are many treatments available to cure joint dislocations, there is a promising treatment. Cure joint dislocations easily with herbs.

Cure joint locations with herbs 

Following are certain herbs that serve as magic potion to cure joint dislocations-

Horsetail: It is one of the topmost herbs, practiced from the ancient times, to cure joint dislocations and fractures. ‘Silica’ is one of its chief ingredients that lead to absorption of calcium, improving the patient’s bone health.

It is an effective herb and does wonders for bone tissues, ligaments and tendons repairing the damage and offering recovery. Problems related to decalcification can also be treated via this herb when taken in the form of horsetail tea extracts, powders, infusions, capsules etc. It also offers a great relief in pain caused due to dislocations.


Arnica is an effective herb prescribed by the practitioners at the time of injuries. It cures tendons by eliminating the toxins caused due to the dislocation of tissues while triggering the formation of platelets.

It prevents inflammations of tendons and tissues associated with the related areas. It reduces pain and swelling. It is available in the forms of herbal oils, creams, ointments and homeopathic medicines.


It is a wonderful herb used since ancient ages to cure joint dislocations and aids in speedy recovery. The roots and leaves are widely used in making spray, cream, ointments and poultice. Comfrey is one of the natural pain relievers. It can be used as a flavoring ingredient in tea.

White Willow: Greeks and Romans used it as a pain reliever caused due to bone injuries. It cures inflammation in tendons. The chief ingredient is ‘Salicin’. The bark is rich in salicin and offers an instant cooling effect to cure joint dislocations. People consume it in the form of herbal tea extracts, tonics, capsules and decoction.


This time tested pain reliever has ‘Carvacol’ and ‘Thymol’ as its chief medicinal ingredient. Because of its antiseptic properties, the herb fights against muscular infections of tendons and bones too. Being highly effective pain reliever, it reduces swelling very fast. This popular culinary herbal element is usually ingested in the forms of salads. Cure joint dislocations by applying it on the affected area.

Cayenne Pepper: It offers warmth to muscles and tendons relieving the soreness caused due to dislocations. It is consumed as food extracts, capsules or can be applied in the form of analgesic creams, gels and ointments. One of the most promising ingredient to cure joint dislocations.

Calendula: It is a potent formula for curing muscle soreness and the associated pain at the time of dislocation. Its flowers endow affluent medicinal properties offering nippy and soothing effects. Drink it as herbal tea, consume it as capsule or apply as ointments or gels to enjoy the benefit.




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