Natural Painkillers – Reduce Muscular Pain

Our body is prone to many illnesses. Simple pain to severe cardiac arrest, many culprits attack the body. Different diseases are treated with different therapies and medications. The latest rage in the medicine world is painkillers. It is also termed as analgesics. Usage of painkillers has increased dramatically in a few years. Back pain? Get a painkiller. Strain and pain in the neck? Get an anti-inflammatory analgesic! Knee pain? Go for a painkiller. More and more people started to rely on painkillers. Mostly, pain aggravates in the muscles causing stiffness. Prolonged usage of painkillers is fatal. Pain can be reduced very easily with simple natural painkillers. Before we look into the list of natural painkillers to treat muscular pain, let us see what causes muscle pain.

In ayurvedic context, increase in the vata dosha cause stiffness and hardening of muscles. Vata imbalance is characterized by poor blood circulation. What happens when a specific part of body doesn’t get the blood circulate? The part appears to be swollen, becomes stiff and numb. Gradually, the pain will increase. Poor blood circulation in respective parts due to vata aggravation causes muscular pain. Stiffness and hardening of muscles make it difficult to move. It will pull your nerves and increases strain the muscles. Here is the compilation of natural painkillers to treat muscular pain together with ayurvedic recommendations.

Get Magnesium

Lack of magnesium weakens the muscles and causes muscle pain. Banana is one of the richest sources of magnesium. Nuts and seeds are loaded with magnesium. Adequate magnesium in your diet is a natural painkiller! It eases and soothes the muscles. Eat a handful of nuts for daily dose of magnesium to reduce and prevent muscular pain.

Natural Living

Of course, you have to! Natural painkillers are incomplete when you don’t resort to natural living. Natural living doesn’t mean anything exotic! It simply refers to living close to nature. For instance, sun exposure, a walk in the garden or lawn, breathing fresh air, treating eyes with nature, etc. These have mental impact and soothe the senses. A relaxed mind relaxes the body. Just try out one! Take a relaxed walk in a garden or in your lawn. You will feel your pain reduced!

Telling you a secret: Walk with bare foot on the grass! All the pressure points in the legs connecting to the respective organs in the body gets rejuvenated!

Ice and Heat

When your pain is intolerable, try this beautiful combination of ice and heat massage on the affected area. Rub or apply the ice cubes wrapped in soft cloth on the painful area. After an hour or so, apply heat pack. It could be a salt pack or simply a hot bottle. Do this around 3 or 4 times a day. You can quickly feel pain vanishing away. Ice stimulates the blood circulation and reduces inflammation. Heat treats the stiff muscles and reduces the pain.


Every part of the body is interconnected with other. Applying pressure on the respective part will stimulate the respective nerves and eases the pain. Acupressure is an instant painkiller with no side effects. Apply the pressure on the respective area for 2 minutes. If you have pain in neck or shoulder or hands, apply pressure at the base of skull. If you have back pain, apply pressure at the spinal joint or back of the knee joints. Rubbing your legs rejuvenate the whole body. All organs have nerves connecting to the legs.

Natural Painkillers at your home

  • Massage with sesame oil or any herbal oil in the affected area gently (Apply warm oil) for few minutes. You can use fresh herbs like basil, oregano, etc while heating the oil
  • Reflexology: Put a handful of Epsom salt in a tub of hot water. Soak your legs for 10 minutes! Epsom salt is one of the miraculous natural painkillers. Or simply you can soak your legs in hot water.
  • Deep breathing: Natural painkillers focus on relaxing the muscles. Relax your muscles and let the blood flow uninterruptedly by deep breathing.
  • Menthol and Camphor rub on the affected area
  • Mustard pack – Grind mustard and make it a paste wrap in a thin cloth. Make the cloth warm by drizzling hot water. Apply on the affected area. (Don’t apply raw mustard paste on skin. It would burn the skin.)
  • Stretching exercises are best natural painkillers! They do provide result in a few days, but the results last for long.

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