Ulcerative Colitis – Cure with Ayurveda

Ulcerative Colitis is a chronic form of inflammation in large intestine and rectum. It forms small patches of bloody ulcers in this area. The situation is extremely painful and the patient keeps pouring out his stomach. It is classified into 4 categories. All the 4 types of ulcerative colitis are awfully painful and make the patient anaemic.

What Causes Ulcerative Colitis 

Low immunity, stress, junk foods, genetic reasons, excessive sun exposure, too much alcohol consumption, smoking and improper diet are the basic causes of ulcerative colitis. Apart from that blockage caused in tissues due to toxins accumulation, imbalanced nervous system and disturbed lifestyle are also some of the reasons.

Symptoms of ulcerative colitis

Cramping, abdominal pain, blood and pus formation in stool, loss of appetite, weight loss, periodic diarrhoea, fever, rectal pain, stress, gastrointestinal bleeding, pain in joints, swelling and anaemia

How Ayurveda treats Ulcerative Colitis?

Ayurveda purifies impurities and prevents accumulation of toxins:

Our biochemistry is delicate and poorly digested food causes blockages leading to mental as well as physical pressures. Ayurvedic treatment centres proffer specialized therapies to rejuvenate the tired tissues and organs. The treatment comprises of message, mild temperature treatment and placid herbal enema. Patient can go for 5-21 days of course. It releases all the impurities lying in tissues and leads to healthy blood circulation. It eventually eliminates waste via rectum and cleanses entire physiology.

Herbalized Oil massage for ulcerative colitis

Specialized herbal oils are used to treat patients with diverse needs. Special strokes are applied for profound relaxation and for creating harmony in the body. It positively affects the tissues creating heat and friction and cleanses the tissues with chemical impurities that cause colitis. Herbal oils not only rinse but also nourish the damaged tissues leading to healthy growth. These oils are prepared by boiling herbs in the base oil.

Nourishment through food for treating ulcerative colitis 

Ayurveda suggests consuming foods that are easy to digest, are satisfying and nutritious. They purify our system, strengthen digestion and create balance in the body.  Some Ayurvedic herbs are used to eliminate the free radicals that irritate the physiology. They act as powerful anti-oxidants and are compulsory part of the rejuvenation treatment programs.

Ayurveda focuses on improving digestion

Improper digested food creates toxins and hence proper usage of spices and cooking oils are recommended. Apart from that ‘digestion enhancing’ and ‘digestion suppressing foods’ are suggested based on eating behaviour of the patients.

Balancing of nervous System:

’ Vata’ imbalance is the root cause of ulcerative colitis. Hence it is must that we have a vigorous nervous system. We can do it by following specific diets, breathing exercises, consuming herbs, following Transcendental meditation practices, cleansing programs and yogic asnaas.

Mental, physical and emotional stress management:

All these lead to chronic colitis by creating hormonal imbalance and biochemical reactions in our body. Special kinds of heat treatments, Ayurvedic messages and yogic postures play an imperative role in curing ulcerative colitis.

Lifestyle management:

Waking up and sleeping on time, performing workouts and timely meals helps in proper bodily functions.

Other types of Ayurveda treatments for ulcerative colitis 

Agni Deepana (improvement of appetite),

Ama Pachana(measurement of Ama digestion ) and

strengthening the gastro intestinal system are also some of the ways in Ayurveda to treat ulcerative colitis. Panchkarma, medications, therapies and proper lifestyle changes along with some ‘Pitta Shaman’ medicines are recommended to the patients to balance the pitta too.


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