Hearty Foods-Your Heart Will Say ‘I Love You’

Cardiovascular diseases were considered fatal until a few years. With awareness about heart health and development of health consciousness across the globe, more and more people are resorting to healthy eating habits. Most of us have little knowledge about preventing heart diseases. Your heart falls for something you love isn’t it and beats rapidly! Choice of foods we make makes a lot of differences in our lives. Now, make your heart fall in love with you by managing a healthy heart with flawless mechanism, by eating these delicious hearty foods!

Hearty foods? What they are? Simple, any variety and type of food that keeps your heart healthy and prevents the heart diseases are hearty foods! Now, not all hearty foods are listed here. Listed here are the simple and delicious hearty foods overlooked in the hustle-bustle of the lives!

Top Hearty Foods – Dark Chocolates

Don’t you love to eat chocolates? Now, eat it for your heart! Dark chocolates which has a mild bitter taste is prevents the risk of developing heart disease. According a recent study combined with a survey, eating dark chocolates daily reduced the risk of stroke and heart attacks. Dark chocolates have high percentage of healthy cocoa, say contains 70 percentage cocoa, which is composed of anti-oxidants and polyphenols! These elements help regulating pressure, delays aging internally and externally, prevents blood clotting and prevents / treats inflammation. Since milk chocolates and other form of chocolates undergo refinery process which has more sugar and artificial components, dark chocolates are the best for your heart!

Flax Seeds 

The tiny seeds have loads of omega 3 fatty acids. You can add flax seeds in your diet for many reasons. Flax seeds make an excellent food to boost the heart health. It contains high fiber content. These seeds don’t have specific flavor or aroma. It can be used in thousand ways and can be added in almost all foods. You can powder the seeds and mix it with soups, oatmeal, gravies, smoothies, etc. One of the best hearty foods to keep your heart healthy!

Olive Oil

The benefits of using olive oil for heart have gained importance in the recent years. Olive oil has high amount of mono-saturated fats, and a source of healthy fats. Olive oil can reduce the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. Replacing the other cooking oils with olive oil is the best option that every family can go with! While olive oil is price is high than the other cooking oils, regular use of olive oil keeps the entire family healthy and reduces the cost of medical expenses.


Hearty foods are so nutty! Yes! Nuts are healthy and delicious food groups. With high levels of mineral and vitamins, nuts contain health fats. People who regularly include nuts in their diet have reduced risk of heart disease. Eat a handful of delicious nuts, almonds, pine nuts, hazel nuts, pistachios, walnuts, etc at least three times a week.

Green Tea

A lot of studies about drinking tea for health revealed positive results! Risk of heart diseases, which include stroke and cardiac arrest, is very high in individuals who are non tea drinkers. Eventually, green tea is more nutritious and healthy an ordinary tea. It contains more flavonoids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea also boosts metabolism and help you stay healthy. People who suffer from gum diseases are exposed with risk of heart diseases. Green tea consumptions prevent developing gum diseases as well as keep the heart healthy.

Other tasty hearty foods that make your heart healthy include,

  • Beans and legumes
  • Berries, Papaya, Pome and Apple
  • Avacados
  • Red Wine (drink in moderation)
  • Tomatoes and oranges
  • Salmon

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