Black Eye Syndrome – An Overview

Eyes are the epitome of the face. Eyes reflect your health and your mood. There are many common injuries and infections that affect the eye. Black eye is one of the most common injuries.

Black eye is characterized by bruising around the eyes with or without the inflammation. It is believed that black eye is caused due to an injury in the eye. However, it is the outcome of an injury to the face, not the eye itself.

The condition is named Black eye because of the change in the color of the skin. The bruising is caused by the internal bleeding under the skin. When someone gets kicked on the face, the eyes reflect it through inflamed eyes. Besides, if a person encountered any head injury, he or she is exposed with the risk of developing black eye syndrome!

Black Eye – A Common Sports Injury

Black eye syndrome is very common in sports. If you are kicked in the face, the thin line of the eye lids get damaged and it bleeds internally, which causes bruising. The eyes are not affected by bruising around the eyes, rather the inflammation caused by accumulation of fluid / blood and pain makes it difficult to see. In general, the condition heals itself in a week.

When Black Eye is a Serious Concern

Black eye is actually a symptom of other diseases and not a disease of the eyes. The condition heals quickly, except in a few cases.

Black eye can be very risky because it might indicate a fracture in the skull or more deep injury in the face. Bruising and inflammation in both the eyes is a serious concern as it indicates a severe injury.

Hyphema is another condition that is reflected through black eye syndrome. It refers to internal bleeding within the eyes. This condition dramatically impacts the vision and cause severe damage to the cornea.

Damages to the eye balls also causes black eye, which needs immediate evaluation. Sudden, extreme and unusual pressure on the eyes also causes black eye, which is a complicated condition.

Symptoms that indicated Black eye is a sign of head injury or trauma

As mentioned earlier, black eye is a symptom of a serious injury. Experiencing the following signs along with a black eye syndrome is the indication of a severe injury or head injury, which requires immediate medical attention.

  • Double vision / blurred vision
  • Inflammation is so big around the eyes which abruptly affects the vision
  • Feeling like losing consciousness
  • Constant headache
  • Intolerable / persistent pain

Damaged eye balls have peculiar signs with or without the above mentioned symptoms, accompanied by the bruising around the eyes.

  • Floating images
  • Open cut in one or both the eyes
  • Sudden development of sensitivity to bright light
  • Hurting eye ball
  • Experiencing the abnormalities in the iris, like colored iris, seeing blood around the pupil, etc.

Treating the Black Eye Syndrome

It is essential to visit an eye specialist to examine the cause of black eye. Based on the causes and symptoms of black eye, when the condition isn’t caused due to any trauma, it doesn’t require any extensive medical treatment. Pain killers, anti-inflammatory medications and even application of an ice pack would be sufficient to get rid of the condition.

In other cases, treating the syndrome is all about the getting appropriate treatment to eliminate the underlying cause of the condition.

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