Planning for Pregnancy? Important Health Checks

Pregnancy and subsequent parenthood is quite blissful. If you have decided to plunge into a new phase of life, wait for a second. Ask yourself the question; are you healthy enough to get a healthy child? Preconception and conception makes a lot of difference in your health.

Planning for Pregnancy – Must to do health checks

You have many important considerations to count a month or two before you are planning for pregnancy. This is nothing alarming but preventive health checks to avoid getting trapped with pregnancy blues and some complications in your gestational period.

Planning for Pregnancy – Check your Thyroid

The new age disease that affects millions of people, especially women is fluctuating thyroid hormones. Both underactive and overactive thyroid glands are dangerous. Check your thyroid levels before your conception. There are quite a few complications with pregnant women who suffer from hypothyroidism, underactive thyroid. There are chances that new born may suffer from inherited hypothyroid from the mother.

Thyroid glands almost regulate all functions of the body. Fluctuations definitely affect the normal phase of life in many aspects from weight gain, lethargy, chronic pain, depression and much more. Even if you are on the verge of fluctuating thyroid hormones, get appropriate medications.

Planning for Pregnancy – Don’t Miss Checking Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar

Monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar levels have become quite common in every household. So, if you are planning for conception, this cannot be overlooked.

Most of the people are on the verge of getting diabetes. Diabetes has become the inherited condition. If you or your partner’s mother or father has diabetes, you are exposed with the higher risk of getting diabetes and your unborn child too! Check for the blood sugar levels well before conception. If you are at the borderline of diabetes, you have to stay cautious throughout your gestation. After all you don’t want to gift your child diabetes!

Next, blood pressure. It is essential to maintain the pressure levels intact. High pressure complicates the pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor to reduce or increase the blood pressure accordingly before you conceive.

Planning for Pregnancy? – Healthy Weight and Obesity

You have to maintain the ideal weight, lose all those extra pounds and stay fit to avoid developing other health conditions. It is because you tend to gain weight constantly during pregnancy and too much weight is harmful to mother as well as the baby.

Obesity is the most dreadful health condition most people experience. Unhealthy food habits and lack of activities are the major reason for getting obese. 80 percent obese women tend to give birth to obese baby!

Get into some fitness schedule, do exercises, stay active to melt away your extra weight.

A Must on Planning for Pregnancy – Genetic Screening 

This is an important health check for women who have the family history of inherited diseases or disorders. If you or your partner is a carrier of any genetically inherited condition, for instance, cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, etc you cannot ignore this. Blood test or saliva test is sufficient to identify the condition.

Check on your Hormones if you are Planning for Pregnancy 

The fertility rate may reduce due to hormonal changes caused by,

  • Medical history of chronic illness
  • Surgery
  • Irregular menstrual period
  • Using birth control pills for a longer time
  • Prolonged use of prescription medication, etc.

It is just a call to ensure the fertility rate.

The hormone test is generally performed to detect the fertility rate. Generally, it is recommended on couples who don’t conceive even after 12 months of regular unprotected sex.

Vaccines and Immunity

It is must to have an immunity check in case of conception for the first time. Essentially, checking the immunity against rubella is crucial before planning for pregnancy. Women with immunity to rubella virus immunize their child too. It is safer to get the rubella vaccine if you aren’t immunized.

Other quick health checks before conception

  • Urine test to detect infections, glucose tolerance, etc.
  • Iron deficiency
  • Dental check – as hormonal fluctionations may cause gum disease

Besides physical preparation, you have to manage the emotional balance both for pregnancy and parenthood. Prepare yourself to stay in good health before head on the road to conception.

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