Life after Cancer

Fighting Cancer and winning over this dreadful disease is a great victory indeed! WLife after Cancerhen you begin the cancer treatment, you couldn’t wait to see yourself free from cancer! Knowing that you have cancer, coping with the disease, getting treatment, etc are difficult and painful phases of life. Life after cancer recovery would be difficult for many cancer survivors! The life doesn’t changes dramatically for good after getting complete recovery from cancer! A lot will ride over physical and emotional health to get back the normal life. There is definitely a healthy and colorful a life after cancer.

Cancer survivors develop immense fear over a few elements:

  1. Fear about recurrence
  2. Thinking about the painful days
  3. Poor health
  4. Dramatic changes in the physical appearance
  5. Constant thoughts about past life, getting back to normal life, etc
  6. Work, social life, personal relationship, etc

Anger, Stress, Anxiety and Depression

More than physical health, emotional health may get ruined. From the stage of getting diagnosis to post cancer treatment, all your focus would have been on getting optimal health. The cancer patients may have lost connection with the rest of the world including their personal relationships. Getting back to normal life after treatment would be aggressive and overwhelming. You may develop a feeling of insecurity, anger, depression and anxiety over everything around your house. Remember you have established yourself over a death sentence and there is no urge to rush to do everything at once. Getting anger or feeling stressed will not help you to accomplish any task. Give sufficient time to you to set and fit into a new routine.

Besides, you may develop a sensation of sadness and helplessness surrounding you! See everything with positivity and don’t allow the negative talks to depress you further. For instance, your neighbors may have interest in learning about how to cope the treatment, how painful it was, etc. Stay away from negative emotions. In many cancer survivors, this odd feeling may dissipate sooner, but in few it may aggravate and cause chronic depression. When you feel that sadness lingering on you, get some therapy to dispel it away!

Physical Imbalances

Cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy is quite painful! It ruins the physical health and appearance. Mastectomy – removal of breast, uterus removal, loss of hair due to chemo, appearing bony with shrunk skin, etc are common! Still, you can regain your physical health as well as appearance for sure.

Don’t miss any follow up visits

Get your post treatment visits to your doctors scheduled. Don’t miss any visit. Clear all your doubts about your worries and symptoms if any if you experience post cancer treatment. By discussing with your doctors, you may avoid any health complications.

Eat healthy and nutritious

The key to regaining health is eating healthy and nutritious foods. Include more quantity of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Reduce or completely avoid eating processed foods. Eat light, fresh and easily digestible foods.

Go for the anti-cancer diet to build your body immune against tumors to prevent recurrence.

Get plenty of rest

Both your mind and body needs sufficient rest from the trauma. Gets adequate sleep, stay calm and composed by doing your favorite activities like reading a book, watching the movies, hearing music, etc.

Learn meditation

It is essential to soothe your mind. Meditate at least 15 to 20 minutes a day and follow some simple deep breathing exercises. Mediation refreshes body, mind and soul and helps you reduce your negative thoughts. You may find it difficult to meditate and concentrate in the initial days. Remember, practice makes it perfect.

Exercise your way to health

Get physical! Schedule an exercise or fitness routine. It could be anything from simple walking to regular workouts at a gym! It is recommended not to go intense in the initial days. Similarly, don’t stay lazy and cuddle in your bed. You can consult with your physician before scheduling the exercise routine. Walking, simple yoga practice (with professional help), simple at-home exercises, etc.

Get social with other cancer survivors 

Joining a social group with success cancer survivors is essential to give yourself a positive boost about life after cancer. When you stay away from negativity, you need to get some positive light on you! Chat and discuss often with the cancer survivors. Seeing someone healthy, happy and quite normal after cancer treatment will automatically induce a love towards getting back into normal life.


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