Back Pain Prevention Tips

Back pain! Low back pain, Disc bulge, loss of bone density, aching back, etc are commonly seen everywhere. Lately, millions of people are affected by lifestyle disorders and diseases. Every one needs some light on back pain prevention tips.

Guide on Back Pain Prevention Tips

One of the terrible condition ruining the health and wellness of the peoples is back pain. As mentioned, the major causes of the disease fall can be categorized under poor lifestyle. Adapting and adhering to healthy lifestyle is the key to live disease free life. Every individual in the world is exposed with the risk of developing mild to severe back pain for some reason or other. Saying good bye to back pain is definitely possible by following a few healthy habits. Back pain prevention tips comes handy for you! Here is your healthy guide to prevent future back pain easily!

Simple Ways to Prevent Back Pain


Ideal Weight – One of the most important back prevention tips 

Excessive weight is the major cause of back pain. Over weight puts a lot of pressure on your back. The curved spine receives more pressure and strains a lot due to heavy belly. The back bones fail to balance the fatty belly, which ends up causing aches, pressure and extra strain on the back. Maintaining healthy weight is a crucial aspect that prevents back pain in the future. The size of your waist impacts the spine health. When your tummy grows, the health of spine deteriorates.


Back pain prevention tips incomplete without a talk on Improve Posture 

Bad posture kills you! Yes, the posture you adapt while sitting makes or breaks your life. Improper posture is similar to venom, which kills you gradually. Practice of good posture is another vital element that helps you reduce the risk of developing back pain. Slouching on your desk at work and leaning to pick things because pinched nerves in your back. If you sit for hours before a computer like a compressed machine, the internal organs, especially bones also compresses. The chair you sit should gives proper support to your hips. Proper posture includes straight head and vision, able and even shoulders, sitting straight on the back without bend, foot placed properly on the floor or desk offering optimal support, etc.

Get the Bone Boost – Back pain prevention tips on nutrition 

Include daily dose of calcium and vitamin D in your diet to strengthen the bones. Milk is a great source of calcium and calcium is found in abundance in dairy products as well as in green leafy vegetables. However, your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium to strengthen the bones. Vitamin D is the natural vitamin available free of cost. Yes, a few minutes sun exposure in the mornings help provide you daily dose of vitamin D. Two glasses of milk and a few minutes of sun exposure is sufficient to manage healthy bones, which prevents the back pain caused due to injuries and other health conditions.

Back pain prevention tips – a note on Stretches and Strengthening Exercises 

Do some simple stretches to increase the flexibility in the body. Stretching exercises help increasing the spine stability, which assists in prevention of back pain. In most cases, back pain is caused due to muscle spasm, bulging disc, weakening of bone health, strained bones, etc. These risks can be avoided by doing some simple stretches and strengthening exercises. For instance, spine stretches, sit-ups, pilates, basic yoga poses for back, etc. It strengthens the spine, enhances the stability, prevents deposits of fat in the abdomen, and tones the abdominal muscles.

Stay active

Rest is the best friend of back pain. In order to prevent back pain, make sure to stay active enough and keep your body busy involving in physical activities. Staying active keep you energized and develop your core.

Quick back pain prevention tips 

Don’t carry anything heavy. If you travel, carry two bags instead of a single big one. If you need to carry something heavy, get some help. Back pain prevention tips on lifestyle.

  • Bend from your knees, not the body – When you pick something from the floor, bend your knees to lower your body, don’t bend your body straightly. Learn this from kids, they are experts.
  • At any cost avoid wearing high heels, the imbalance may lead to dislocation and misalignment of the spine
  • Place a soft pillow or a rolled towel on the back of your spine if you travel or drive long.
  • Walk a couple of minutes or walk up and down the stairs for every hour if you sit at desk for 8 hours a day.

Hope you enjoyed reading the comprehensive guide on back pain prevention tips! Follow it, stay healthy and ease away the pain.

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