Back Pain Treatment and Prevention Guide

Back Pain – Your Guide to Treatment and PreventionBack pain!, ‘Oh, it hurts, its pinching me! I couldn’t tolerate the pain when I move my hips, it hurts to sit, stand and even sleep, and it is disgusting!’ Yes, these are heard and said very often, almost every day. Almost more than 70 percent of world population suffers from moderate to chronic back pain at some point of time in their life.

Back Pain Treatment and Prevention

While the causes of back pain are many, getting appropriate treatment is crucial to lead a normal life. Back pain isn’t considered a serious issue unless it affects the mobility to some extent. Normally associated with the damages and dysfunction in the spinal cord, back pain may be degenerative to the whole body. Back pain is an outcome of weaker bones, compression of nerves and muscles, weakened muscles, stretched connective tissues and inflammation of the tissues or muscles in the cervical spine. Let us not peek into the causes of back pain, take a look at treatment options and more importantly, prevention!

Back pain treatment 

Back pain treatment generally begins with prescription of over the counter analgesics and anti-inflammatory medicines. The initial step of addressing the condition is easing the pain and helps patients managing the condition. It is ideal to mention this term as managing back pain rather treating the condition. Pain management is possible by massage, ice and heat therapy, pain killers and tractions.  Additional back pain treatment and prescription of medicine purely depends upon the causes of back pain, severity of the condition and the patient’s overall health condition.


TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

An occupational therapy performed by a qualified physiotherapist to soothe the pain caused due to problems in intervertebral discs. It relives the pain quickly. Very low voltage electric current passes through the body by placing the electrodes in the body where the pain emerges. The electricity stimulates the nerves, relaxes the muscles and tissues. It is one of the quick back pain treatment options.


Bioelectric Therapy

It is one of the drug free and safest back pain treatment options. The pain is relieved by stimulating the cells not to send the messages to brain. Any injury or destruction in the back is reported to the central nervous system by pain receptors. The pain is perceived by the brain. The pain receptors are blocked and the signals are interrupted. The bioelectric current then induces the body to secret the happy hormones, endorphins to reduce pain.

This could be actually a temporary or short term pain control and generally forms part of back pain treatment module.


It involves insertion of very thin needles on the respective areas to ease away the pain. The needles are inserted on the particular region where the pain aggravates. Rather, it is applied on the connective tissues and nerves. For instance, if you have lower back pain aggravating to the butt and knees, the needles are inserted on your knees. It stimulates the nerves and eases the pain.

Since the nerves are stimulated, it is a best back pain treatment method caused due to nerve compression or inflammation of nerves.

Spinal Manipulation – Osteopathy

According to osteopathy, the misalignment or dislocation of muscles and tissues causes pain and other health conditions associated with central nervous system. Manipulation therapy aids in alignment of the bones and muscles, resulting with overall improvement of the condition.

Spinal manipulation works great when the pain is not caused due to nerve compression or nerve damages.


Surgery is the final option recommended when other treatment options failed to improve the pain. Surgery aids in better mobility, reduced pain, improved quality of life, ability to live drug free, etc. Whether you need surgery or not is purely decided by the severity of the condition.

Besides, practicing yoga and pilates could be highly beneficial in strengthening the core, alleviating the pain and associated condition.

At home simple remedies to manage back pain

Acute back pain treatment is simple, and can be controlled by simple home remedies.

  • Wearing support braces
  • Sleeping by placing a soft pillow in between the legs
  • Warm oil massage
  • Heat therapy or ice packs
  • Taking smaller breaks when you have a full time job

Prevention of back pain

Life style is the major cause of back pain. Adhering to healthy lifestyle practices helps staying away from back pain. Prevent back pain by doing,

  • Stretching exercises – 3 to 4 times a week
  • Regular fitness routine – 30 minutes of walking or yoga or any physical activity
  • Avoiding sitting for hours before computer or television
  • Keeping weight in control
  • Eating healthy diet

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