Heal Orthopedic Injuries with Proper Nutrition

Eat nutritious food for a healthy body! The role of nutrition is not limited to providing optimal health. Nutrition has potential healing power. The importance of nutrition is overlooked in treating the orthopedic injuries. Sportsmen suffering from the frequent athletic / sports injuries need to return back to their normal lives quickly with complete recovery. A wide range of orthopedic conditions, from a chronic surgery to inflammation of the joints can be healed quickly with proper nutrition. Yes, heal orthopedic injuries easily!

Heal orthopedic injuries with proper nutrition

Nutrition, Health and Healing 

The essential nutrients extend support and helps healthy bone building and connective tissues. The body repairs and replaces the tissues and skin frequently due to normal wear and tear. This is an automated process. The unhealthy tissues are removed from the body making way to healthy and fresh ones. This is possible only when the body has sufficient nutrients. Poor healing or delay in the recovery of ortho injuries or chronic pain is closely associated with the poor digestion, no-assimilation of nutrition and suboptimal nutrition.

In case of ortho injuries, self healing from within the body is crucial. Orthopedic injuries obstruct an individual to perform the daily activities with ease. It is essential to get recovery as quickly as possible to return back to normal life. So, isn’t that necessary to focus on increasing the intake of nutrients to heal orthopedic injuries? Orthopedics and nutrition go hand in hand to provide quick and complete relief from the acute or chronic health conditions.

This is a simple rule of thumb! Good and balanced nutrition is crucial for growth of healthy tissues, self repairing tissues and cells, powerful immunity, no deficiency and an overall wellness!

Healing Powers of Nutrients and Role of Nutrition as a complementing Therapy to Orthopedic Surgeries and Injuries

We have a renewed life with nutrients carrying different functions and roles in recovery and healing.

Vitamin A:

Regulates and stimulates the immunity and response to the medications. Vitamin A either in form of supplements or whole foods increases the synthesis of collagen which keeps our skin elastic and supple. It destabilizes the strength of the scar and aids in activating the lymphocyte, the white blood cells.

Vitamin C:

More commonly known as skin friendly nutrient, has a powerful role in healing the wounds. Lack of vitamin C reduces the speed of recovery. Also, it is an immune boosting vitamin, which provides resistant to infection. Besides, Vitamin C also helps formation of procollagen, preventing the risk of decreased collagen. One of the essential nutrient to heal orthopedic injuries.

Vitamin D and Calcium

Calcium and Vitamin D go hand in hand in healthy bone building. The combo of essential nutrients aids in building robust structures of bones reducing the risk of bone fractures, degenerative diseases of the bones and loss of bone density. Besides, calcium supplement is an inseparable part of treatment prescribed in bone fractures and osteoporosis. Adequate amount of Vitamin D in the blood heal orthopedic injuries like fractures.

Vitamin E

The anti-inflammtory vitamin with properties of antioxidants extends enormous support in reducing the inflammation of the injuries, enhancing the response of immunity and healing. Vitamin E also quickly heals the scar tissues, a powerful role to heal orthopedic injuries. However, Vitamin E supplementation is not prescribed immediately before and after the surgery.


Degenerative disc disease and injury to the connective tissues are caused due to lack of minerals. Zinc and copper are essential to keep the connective tissues healthy.

  • Zinc deficiency obstructs the healing speed and vice versa.
  • Iron deficiency lead of infection of the wounds and scars.
  • Copper works together with calcium in healing the fractures and cracks of the bone.

One of the most essential nutrients to heal orthopedic injuries.


While nutrition is just a core part of orthopedic healing, sometimes, nutrition may not give optimal support to heal orthopedic injuries like pains and strains in the joints, inflammation of the muscles and tissues, joint pain due to obesity, etc. Diet with all core nutrients would not give you optimal healing and recovery support. In addition, it is not possible to recommend a strict nutritious diet to patient who underwent an orthopedic surgery. This is where the Nutraceuticals play an important role.

Nutraceuticals is a blend of nutrition and pharmaceutical. Nutraceuticals are functional foods, essentially similar to the dietary supplements. These are prescribed where the patient suffers from suboptimal assimilation of nutrients. Patients who have undergone chronic orthopedic surgery may not be able to focus on healthy diet for a while. Here it plays a vital role to heal orthopedic injuries. Nutraceuticals substitutes the healing nutrients and aids in quicker recovery.

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