Is Your Desk Job Hurting You?

The most under appreciated problem in this era of technology is nothing but the phyIs your desk ob hurting yousical discomfort arising due to merely sitting for more than 8 hours a day!  Is your desk job hurting you?  Yes, sitting hurts you in many ways. Unfortunately, not many of you may aware about your health getting deteriorated day by day.

Now, before we look deep into about physical health being snatched away by your desk job, just take a small assessment about your lifestyle!

Is your desk job hurting you?

Now, answer these questions and if you say yes for 2 or more questions, be assured that your desk job is certainly affecting you!

  • Does your work need you to sit in your desk for more than 8 hours a day?
  • Do you incessantly work in your system for hours?
  • Do you enjoy your coffee breaks in your desk browsing your computers?
  • Do you rely on your smartphones or tablets for your leisure, relaxing from your work?
  • Do you feel like gaining weight?

Here is the shocking information for those who actively enjoy their desk job! Those who site for more than 11 hours a day, there is an increased risk of death in 3 years.

Majority of the working group sit for hours in desk, watching the computer screen. This is just a normal part of a desk job, but still is exposed with too many health complications from pain to spinal misalignment, obstructed mobility etc. Besides, imagine what happens to your vision!

Is your desk job hurting you – Your desk job is certainly hurting you if you experience any of the following concurrently!

  • You experience a kind of discomfort in moving or pain in the knees while climbing the stairs
  • You experience mild to moderate pain aggravating from lower back to knees and toes (gradually)
  • Rare or occasional but sudden numbness, sharp pain or twisted pain in your hands and legs
  • You feel stiff neck and heavy head
  • Pain gets aggravated before it gets better
  • Interrupted sleep

How is your desk job hurting you – how sitting hurts you! 

  • Sitting all day before your computer reduces the rate of burning calories in your body!
  • Your body and spine has a structure. It is impossible to alter the structure of the body. Your actions should be intact to manage the healthy balance. The structure of your muscles and bones are altered by sitting!
  • Your digestive power decreases and you are on the verge of developing digestive disorders
  • You eat often at your desk to get rid of the work pressure, causing obesity and excessive weight

Is your desk job hurting you – Ways to keep you healthy and active

So, sitting and desk job is just hurting. Does it mean you should look out for some other work? Certainly not possible for everyone. There are some simple ways where you can prevent getting the diseases that is caused by sitting at your desk.

Move and Move:

Mobility is what that makes you stay mobile! Sitting strains your bones and muscles. When you move, the muscles get relaxed. Move your body and muscles by doing some activities (not typing your laptop or computer keyboard), like some exercises.

May be you can park your vehicle in one corner of the parking are so that you can walk around to get your vehicle.

Take stairs and avoid elevators.

Manage your posture:

Your posture is your culprit if you don’t follow it right! Sit straight with your hips and upper body firm and straight. Don’t lean back on your chair sitting in a curved position. You would need the right chair to support your back. Make sure that your feet touch the ground.

Don’t type on your system or browse the computers with elbows bent. There should be sufficient distance between you and your computer. Your arms should stretch in 90 degree position to your computer.

Is your desk job hurting you – Take a break

Whether you are too busy or not get a break! This break is not to treat your taste buds, but to relax your body and compressed muscles. It is just ideal to walk for around 2 to 5 minutes, (say a short stroll) in your premise for every hour! Continuous sitting puts extra pressure on neck, knees and hips. Getting a break, prevents the damages.

Don’t order for your coffee or tea to be served on the desk. Get up and walk!

Do simple stretches at your desk

Stretch your fingers and hands at your desk (there are plenty) to prevent pain and muscle soreness. There are many stretching exercises you can do sitting in your desk. Just google it to know more.

And finally, snack on something that is healthy and nutritious.

Don’t talk on your phone placing your phone on the shoulder supporting it with your head. It would alter the structure of the neck causing many complications. Use headphones or Bluetooth head sets.


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