Joint Pain – Natural Prevention

Joint-PainKnees and joints are one of the complex organs in our body. Joints connect two bones. The structure of the joints with surrounding support elements facilitate bending the back, elbows and knees, stretching, turning and moving your head, twisting your hips, and even typing and waving your fingers! The joints are cushioned by soft and lubricating tissues called Synovium, nothing but the cartilage. The tissues ensure that bones don’t collide with each other.

The unique structure of bones supported by muscles, tissues and ligaments provides stability and regulate your mobility. Ageing, overuse, injury, wrong posture, etc can damage the joint health and cause joint pain. All kinds of joint related diseases have the staple symptom, joint pain, from mild to severe intolerable pain!

Joint Pain Prevention Guide

The best thing you can do to your body is keeping your joints healthy and preventing from joint pain. Here you have a few simple steps to prevent joint pain.

Drink Water

The cartilage is a wet tissue and need to stay hydrated to support the bones. Drinking more water and staying hydrated keeps the cartilages soft and holds your joint together. Dehydration turns your soft tissues dry and makes your joint stiff, affecting the mobility. Imagine how a sponge look full cushioned when soaked in water and how it appears when you dry out the water or squeeze the water! It is how the cartilages work! Drink water and prevent joint pain.

Eat Anti-inflammatory foods

Inflammation of the muscles and cartilages are the major factors that cause knee pain. There are plenty of anti-inflammatory foods that can keep your joints free from inflammation!

  • Garlic
  • Red Pepper
  • Fatty fish
  • Walnuts
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Ginger
  • Green Tea
  • Herbs and spices like fennel seeds, aloe vera etc

No inflammation means no pain!

Lose the extra weight

The number one culprit that destabilizes in your joints is that extra weight. Excess weight and heavy body adds more pressures to your knees, resulting with deterioration of joint health. Lose the extra weight from your body to keep your joints intact.

Keep your core strong

While excessive weight stresses your knees, heavy abdomen destabilizes the lower back. The spine is unable to support the heaviness of the stomach and lean forwards. Extra weight compresses your back and affects the joints and tissues supporting the bones.

Strengthen the muscles and tissues

You should be active to keep your supportive cartilages, tissues and muscles strong. Focus in strengthening the muscles to prevent developing the pain. Schedule a flexible fitness routine or activities to strengthen and manage the muscle mass. Remember not to overdo the exercise as it would hurt your bones and muscles.

Get rest

Ok, you need sufficient rest to heal your body and stay away from pain. You work all the day and sit before your computer, or you drive long in your vehicle, you are an adventure, or whatever it may be. Take sufficient rest to relax your body muscles. Lack of rest and sleep increases pressure on your body, make you stressed and affect your health.

Stop being a potato couch

You want prevent joint pain right! So, don’t be a potato couch. Yes, sitting or lying on your sofa for hours won’t help you prevent or reduce the joint pain. Rather, it aggravates the pain. Many would have experience the intensity of the pain getting increased after resting. If you are active, you automatically drive-away the joint pain.

Ignoring the joint pain

Don’t ignore the joint pain or any kind of discomfort to your joint. If you wish to prevent the joint pain aggravating into a chronic condition, don’t ignore any discomfort or pain. If you feel heavy work, get some ice pack on the joints to ease away the mild pain and followed by inflammation.

Get some support braces

If you are on an adventure tour or trekking or climbing or riding for longer hours, wear support braces to avoid any injury and prevent the pain.

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