Osteoarthritis Exercises at Home to Ease Pain

How to ease the osteoarthritis pain? This has become a common query we hear very often. Arthritis is a common and prevalent form of knee pain affecting millions of people. Osteoarthritis, the painful degenerative diseases restricts the mobility of an individual. Caused by multiple structural and functional damages of the joints and bones, Osteoarthritis degrades the joints. Movement of joints causes moderate to severe intolerable pain, which unfortunately, restricts the motion. Although it is a degenerative condition, the painful syndrome can be managed effectively with simple osteoarthritis exercises at home.

It may appear a little bit paradoxical to ease away the osteoarthritis pain. Since an individual suffering severe osteoarthritis pain is unable to move easily, how come the person can involve in some workouts which needs regulated movements? The reality is different and positive. There are many effective osteoarthritis exercises at home that can improve the joint health and lessen the pain.

Giving you a few simple osteoarthritis exercises at home, that you can do at your home.

Simple and Effective Osteoarthritis Exercises at Home

Stretching-ExercisesStretching Exercises – Osteoarthritis exercises at home 

Stretching exercises are meant to increase the flexibility and elasticity of the body. The increased elasticity reduces and eliminates the stiffness in the joint muscles, which reduces the pain. Osteoarthritis affects the areas marked in the picture below. Stretching those areas would be helpful in easing away the pain.

Hand Stretch: Stretch your hands upwards as far as possible and hold it in the same position for few seconds.

Rolling neck up and down and sideways.

Arms and wrists: Roll your hands clockwise and anticlockwise direction, make a fist, open your fist and stretch the fingers firmly, press both arms against a wall firmly etc are simple hand exercises that strengthen your hands.

Hamstring and calf stretch:

Knees are extensively affected by osteoarthritis. Increasing the strength and flexibility of the knee joint is important.

Hamstring stretch, sit on the floor, extend one leg and fold the other one. Stretch with hands upwards to the maximum extent possible as long as you are comfortable. Change position, change legs and repeat it.

Calf stretch – Press the wall firmly, balance with one leg and stretch the other leg backwards to strengthen the calf muscle.

Repeat it with other leg, stretching the other one.

Side stretches: Side stretches are very simple, try to bend on your right or left with raised hands as far as possible.

You can repeat these stretching exercises for around 10 times each. It gives a good warming boost to your score and stiff muscles causing pain!

Leg Raises: Osteoarthritis exercises at home 

There are different types of leg raising exercises available to reduce the OA pain. Leg raise workouts lubricate the joints and reduces pain.


Sit on a chair. Raise one leg comfort without balancing with hands. Hold other foot on the floor for balance. Raise to the maximum limit possible, try to get it straight without bending the knees. Remain stable for upto 10 counts and repeat it with other leg.


You can follow the similar exercises by standing. Get wall support using a hand.


Raise one leg up to 30 degree and hold for a few seconds and repeat it with alternative leg. After a few set of repetitions, raise both legs simultaneously.

You can do it by lying on your stomach and on your right and left side!

Spine Twist – Osteoarthritis exercises at home 

Spinal twist is the best and simplest workout that can ease away your low back pain quickly. It is a versatile exercise, which also helps loosening up the heaviness of the abdomen. You can modify the intensity and alter the positions of the knees in the spinal twist.

Lie straight on your back. Without turning your body, just turn the hips as far as possible. Your upper body should be straight and lower body should be twisted. Don’t use hands to balance or hold the floor. When you turn your lower body right side, turn your head left. Remain in the position upto 10 counts and repeat it other side. You can gradually increase the counts.

Twisting the spine increases the flexibility, reduces the stiffness and rigidity of the low back muscles. It relaxes the muscles and relieves pain. It is one of the easy, relaxing and rejuvenating osteoarthritis exercises at home.

Exercises help managing your bones, muscles and joints flexible and healthy. Besides, regular exercises will also help you in losing weight, which alleviates the extra pressure on your joints and knees. When you lose a kilo, you will remove off around one and half kilogram from your knee joints and two kilogram pressures from your hips! Reduced pressure means reduced pain. So, medically and practically, exercises have lots of potential to ease away the pain.

Besides all brisk walking for at least 20 minutes a day is a cheapest and simple aerobic exercise to ease the pain.

Osteoarthritis exercises at home are not about melting your fat away, increasing your heart beat, and making you sweat heavily. These are very simple and easy to do. Don’t strain yourself when you try these exercises. Start gradually and stop immediately whenever you feel a sort of discomfit. In the first couple of days, you may experience a kind of soreness. You can reduce the soreness by applying ice or heat in the respective joints.

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