Cutting edge Technologies in the HealthCare Industry

The dramatic growth of technological inventions, advancements and breakthroughs benefitted the healthcare industry the most. Recently, we experience a boom in the medical industry. Medical miracles often happen here and there with the latest and greatest innovations and inventions. The industry grabbed the most from the cutting edge technologies.

5 Cutting edge Technologies in the Health Care Industry to Watch for

While there is an outgrowth of a few life-threatening diseases, growth of medical domain is an epic in this era. The way and approach of the health care sector is dramatically changed with the inception of information technology. The constant researches supported extensively by information technology led to a revolution in the healthcare sector.

Although there are few useless expensive treatments, we cannot ignore the birth of several cutting edge technologies and trends in the industry. Here is the list of significant cutting edge technologies that could inaugurate a revolution in the healthcare industry.

3D Printing

This is probably a breakthrough in the healthcare industry. 3D printing, the recent innovation in the manufacturing industry dons an important role in the medical sector. 3D printing enables highly accurate and clear picture of a report or specific implant or device. It has been used as a prototype and a test procedure to evaluate a number of medical procedures. 3D printing already revolutionized the industry.

Some of the critical surgical procedures are successfully carried out with 3D printing. To name a few,

  • 3D printed parts are used to restructure the face of a motorist who was severely injured in an accident
  • A titanium pelvis has been implanted
  • Transplant of titanium lower jaw

The scope and scalability of 3D printing seems to be extensive in orthopedic applications and ENT applications, in terms of diagnosis and use of appropriate medical devices.

One of the most promising cutting edge technologies of the era!

Artificial Intelligence

Although Artificial Intelligence is used as a core element in much industry, the role of AI in healthcare industry looks promising.

Hospitals and healthcare centers can make use of AI systems to organize everything to perfecting, besides the medical examinations. For instance, organizing bedding, discharge of patients, staff rotation, medical data supply, information about medicines, treatments given to a patient, etc.

AI carries a more responsible role in the industry. It is used as an artificial support system in diagnosis. The diagnostic procedure is carried out using special software. Artificial Intelligence also interprets the medical images, and delivers a report about possible health conditions. For instance, analysis of heart rhythms, detection of tumors, brain mapping, etc.

AI is not used widely, however, in future; AI can considerably reduce the risk of false or wrong diagnosis.


Cutting edge technologies has no limits in the medical industry. Robotics is an example! Robotics is a fascinating invention in the field of technology. Robotics already plays a vital role in surgical applications, but at a minor level. Robots are enabled to perform the minimally invasive procedures. With improvement in the cutting edge technologies, surgical robotics may create a breakthrough in the sector. The impact that robotics and automation would create in the healthcare industry cannot be overlooked. From playing the role of a nurse, performing surgical operations to patient care, robotics carries a sizeable impact to watch for.

Vaccination without Needles

Administering vaccines in kids as well as elders is quite painful. Painless cutting edge technologies! How great it is to hear about getting vaccinated without needles! A module is being developed with a micro needle patch. The patch is administered on the skin of the patients, which simply dissolves without causing pain.

No syringe, no injection and no pain. Vaccines are delivered painlessly!

As said above, healthcare and medical sector has a lot of scope to deliver innumerable cutting edge technologies. Wait and Watch!

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