Digestive Sensors – Health and Diagnostic Device

The quest for enhancing the quality of the healthcare and medical services is increasing. Medical industry harvested the delicious fruits from the thriving technology and futuristic innovations. This is the era of a fusion, where healthcare and medical sector blended brilliantly with advancing technology creating a revolution. One of the latest and intriguing innovations in the field of medicine is digital sensors.  Digestive sensors, the technologically advanced medication is a digital pill built with sensory materials. It is a swallow-able sensor, a health tracker and creates a new-fangled approach in diagnostic procedures.

Let us look briefly about the scope of the digestive sensors.

Digestive sensors carry two different roles, one as a contemporary approach to digestive sensors and the second one as a health tracker!

Digestive Sensors –  A Health Tracker

The research and development in the medical sector relies a major element, whether the patient meticulously consume the medicines. Unfortunately, many patients tend to ignore or forget taking the medicines as prescribed. This poses a huge challenge to the research industry. The challenge is surpassed by the technology with the innovation of digestive sensors.

This sensor is definitely a breakthrough where many patients survive on medications. Failure to take a couple of doses of meds may lead to severe consequences. The ingestible sensor alerts when the patient fails to take medicines properly.

Secondly, it is a boon to the multi-specialty hospitals. The details of medicines consumed, medications, injections, etc are recorded and delivered by the digestive sensors. Proper intimation about medicines given to the patient or when patient fail to take the meds, help the healthcare staff to monitor the patients and extend care immediately when needed. This could be extremely beneficial in tracking the medicines given to the patients suffering from psychological disorders.

Digestive sensors, the sensory pills have the potential to impart consistency and an increased precision in tracking the drugs prescribed to patients. The digital pills are approved by FDA and currently in use with clinical trials. Besides, already, the sand grain sized swallowable sensors is being used in administering and tracking drugs in the cardiac and psychological health problems.

How digestive sensors can change the diagnostic approach?

Digestive sensors enable a non-invasive diagnostic approach. The digitization influenced the diagnostics procedure and medications, with an outcome of digital medicines.

Digestive sensors are nothing but appear like a vitamin capsule built with micro-mini cameras or sensors. The sensor is made of the common food ingredients and it gets activated as soon as entering the digestive system. There is no harm and no side effects. The pill travel through the digestive system, captures the images, measure the levels of acidity, fat, pH, pressure, etc. The collected data is transmitted through a receiver, worn by the user. The data is then transferred into a mobile device or computer.

When swallowed, the sensors or cameras record the details about the medications taken by the patient, the condition of the internal organs, etc.

Digestive disorders are commonly found everywhere. The extent and effect of the disease is a bid hard to diagnose. It can be a simple gastritis or deadly gastroparesis. When the details of the functioning of the internal organs are captured and recorded, appropriate therapies and medications can be prescribed easily. There is no need for undertaking too many tests, examinations, and medical procedures for diagnosing a disease.

It is the best alternative for endoscopy. Endoscopy, although a minimally invasive procedure, the impact of the procedure lasts for a long time.

Simply, digestive sensors provide a non-invasive approach to perfect diagnosis with ease.

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