Location Based Computing – The New Age Technology

Location based computing or location based services is seen as strategic marketing services. However, the depth and functions of this technology is beyond what we think.

Location Based Computing – The New Age Technology that Shapes the Healthcare Industry

The dramatic growth in the number of people using the smart phones and tablets has great relevance with respect to location based services. Although this technology is used widely across many industries, from entertainment to personal life, there is an extensive scope of shaping and amending the healthcare services for better, enhanced perfection, flawless, spot-on and high quality services. Let us look at how location based system helps shaping the healthcare!

What is location based computing

It is a programmed service based on the location data. In simple words, Location Based Computing is an information service accessible with mobile network using a mobile device. The program uses the information about the geographical location with GPS tracking. Location based computing relies on GPS.

For instance, location based computing identifies a person or a location, say an ATM machine, a primary health care centre, an cafeteria, a bank, or a person, etc. This concept has a lot of potential in the healthcare industry. Locating a multispecialty hospital or any healthcare centre with special equipments in case of emergency made very simple.

A Solution for Emergency Medical Services

Road accidents, heart failure, fire, toxic exposure, consumption of poison, snake bite, sudden trauma, terrorist attack, etc are the major causes of severe injury and even death. Provision of first-aid and taking the patients to nearby healthcare centre or any appropriate medical centre, as quickly as possible rescue the patients and save their lives!

The major problem experienced by the healthcare service provider is delivering the assistance in the right place at the right time.

Delivering the solutions has a few concerns.

  • How come a healthcare institution or an emergency care knows about the location of a person who is injured to arrive at the place for providing first-aid?
  • How to locate a nearby appropriate hospital to get emergency solution?
  • How people can locate a nearby hospital or health institution that is equipped with resources to meet the needs of the patient?

The answer is very simple! Location based services. When the healthcare providers are informed about the exact location of an accident spot or the area where the traumatic injury occurred, they can rush with necessary equipments. Location based computing helps in this regard to track the location.

The existence

Location based computing already exists in the medical and healthcare services, but in a low profile. The location based computing application also help individuals to get immediate medical assistance. Just think about arrival of an ambulance or a 911 service immediately after making a call. If a kid suddenly chokes or becomes unconscious or when the health of an elderly person in your home deteriorates, you will call an emergency medical assistance. When a person call for an emergency medical assistance, the number and location is tracked and spontaneous action is executed.

Location based computing helps toning the healthcare sector, which enhances the quality of the services and enables providing quick solutions. Delivering medical assistance at the right time obviously save lives!

Augmentation of hospital administration and security

The scope of location based computing is extensive beyond providing emergency care! The technology aids in managing the records and data in a professional way. The key areas of hospital data include patient care, patient safety, management of assets, regulations and statutory compliance, optimizing workflow, etc. This technology provide ultimate security to data as well as

  • Safety to hospital staff – traces of physical or vocabulary violence is a concern in health care industry. This is very useful in rehab centres where perpetrators are treated for substance or alcohol abuse.
  • Monitoring the patients in the emergency wards and render quick solutions in case if something goes wrong.
  • Monitoring and controlling the access of patients, visitors and even the hospital staff to the restricted areas who has no authority to enter the restricted regions
  • Patient safety, infection control, identification of patient, regulation of medical procedures, etc
  • Asset safety – It is also used as a security device which enables tracking the assets and ensuring the rigid security over the expensive medical equipments.

The scope and use of LBS is increasing in the health care sector. It saves a lot of time, money and even the lives of people.

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