Wearable E-skin – Feel the Ultra Thin Skin

The buzz is all around wearable technology. The certainty of the future can be guaranteed by the wearable technology! Wearable technology improves the lives of the people in terms of staying more healthy and more productive.

Feel the Ultra Thin Skin with Wearable E-skin

In the line of e-commerce, e-payment, e-books, and many more, e-skin gained superfluous attention! The milestone in the blend of health and technology is undoubtedly e-skin! Wearable E-skin is an advanced development in the wearable technology. While there are a few discomforts in using the wearable health devices, the wearable e-skin is a seamless product, blends perfectly with the human body. Simple, e-skin aka, electronic skin is almost a replication of natural skin, giving you utmost comfort with exciting features.

E-skin and its versatility

A few months ago, a team of professionals in the Berkeley, University of California developed an e-skin model. It is a super interactive technology, reacts and responds by light emission. Different forms of e-skin include, a band type e-skin, a tattoo model, a typical and conventional band-aid format, etc which are ultra thin, versatile, flexible, light and super comfortable to wear.

The material used to create e-skin is almost imperishable. The versatility of the material makes the e-skin work seamlessly and ceaselessly even in wet conditions. With the sensor system, the receipt of electronic data, and being embedded with the prosthetics, the current extent of the development of e-skin makes it a perfect base for robotic skin!

Wearable E-skin – An Electronic Device to Monitor the Health

Wearable E-skin is an imperceptible device. The skin monitors the body, records the functions of the internal organs and communicates the data collected to a mobile device. It is extremely beneficial in case of monitoring the implants, detecting the malfunctions in the vital signs, temperature and pressure levels. Considering the speed of the medical and tech innovations, e-skin would soon become a method of monitoring the health of a patient virtually and provide instantaneous diagnosis, prescription of medicine or appropriate medication.

The key towards improving health involves measurement of quantifiable data. The embedded technology helps monitoring, measuring and delivering data. The sensors built within the e-skin measures all vital parameters, from temperature to neurological signs. The measured data is then transmitted to connected device or through cloud storage in form of alerts. If something happens wrong, for instance, a sign of stroke or a cardiac pain, the sensor would call for an emergency service itself by transmitting all essential data. Besides, simple alerts like signs of dehydration, low or high pressure, improper vision, etc would be helpful in giving proper medical attention immediately.

 A viable solution to damaged skin – A cosmetic solution

Regardless of the number of cosmetic procedures and cosmetic solutions available to get rid of the damages in the skin, it couldn’t be the best alternative for skin problems. Wearable E-skin could be a great option for skin damaged due to fire accidents, accidents, burns, etc.

As the medical innovations and researches are approached from different ways in different context due to geographical location, the outcome of the e-skin varieties / form differs with one another. The future of the e-skin could be replicating the different layers of skin. There is a lot of scope that e-skin could be designed just like natural skin which makes it hard to differentiate.

The current modules are still under vigorous research and in a few months, the wearable e-skin could set for a revolution in the health technology, offering potential benefits to the people.

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