Yoga Poses to Reduce Belly

Everyone longs for a flatter stomach! Unfortunately, when you are gaining weight abdominal area attracts more fat! Especially in women, the excess calories are deposited as fats in the abdomen. Women are more vulnerable to inviting accumulation of fat in the belly! In fact there are many who carry a good physique, except a baby belly! Baby belly doesn’t cause you serious concern, yet it gradually grows like an inflated balloon! When the circumference of the waist is more than your chest size, you are at risk!

Besides all, you want look beautiful isn’t it?

How to reduce belly? Should I go for exercises? Should I practice yoga poses to reduce belly? Can I opt for jogging or aerobics? Yoga poses to reduce belly is highly recommended!

Why yoga poses to reduce belly?

Fat deposits in the abdominal area, in waist and hips react differently! While fat storage in the other parts like thighs, hands, double chin, etc just makes you look plump, heavy belly ruin your health. The extra fat and heavy abdomen triggers the stress inducing hormone called cortisol. It stimulates the receptors of stress and causes hypertension.

When you do yoga poses to reduce belly, you will gain multiple benefits. Besides reducing the accumulation of fat, yoga also improves the digestive functions.

  • It helps getting relief from stress.
  • Stimulates optimal functions of digestive organs.
  • Aids you get back good shape.
  • Beneficial for toning the inter and intra abdominal parts
  • Reduces the risk of chronic illnesses caused due to heavy belly

Here is the simple list of yoga poses to reduce belly.

Pakshimothasana – Seated forward bending

yoga poses to reduce belly

It is a bird pose. Sit with legs stretched straight. Slowly bend your upper body towards the legs. Hold your legs with arms. Try to touch the legs with head without bending the knees. You will not be able to bend fully in the initial days. Yet, as you practice, you may excel it.

This is one of the best yoga poses to reduce belly fat.

Uttanpadasana – Leg Lift and variations


Lie on your back on the floor. Keep your hands above your head. Gradually raise your legs. Make sure to place your legs at 90 degree. It should be straight. Hold it for a few counts. Gradually lower your legs.

This yoga pose has a direct impact on reducing the belly fat. The abdominal muscles are provided an extra pressure. The ligaments are toned.

You may find it difficult to raise the legs straight. Alternatively, you can raise on leg. Count for a few seconds, and raise another then.

Additional benefits: Relief from low back pain, toning the thighs.

There are many variations to this yoga pose. If you feel strain your back, you can raise upto 45 degrees and gradually increase it.

Pavanamuktasana – Wind-relieving Pose

This asana help you melt the fat in the abdomen area.

weight loss yoga

Lie on your back. Raise one leg and bend the leg from the knee. Hold the bent leg with your hands. Press the legs on your stomach. Try to raise your head. Hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat it with another leg. As you practice regularly, you will find it very comfortable to raise your head, touch the knee with your chin.

Bhujangasana  – Cobra Pose


Have you seen a cobra with raised head? Then it will be simple for you! Lie on the floor with your belly. Place your hands comfortably near the chest. Raise your head, upper body and upper abdomen slowly supported by hands. Make sure that the legs are stretched. The top of the feet should press the floor.  of

Dhanurasana – Bow Pose


This is an extended version of bhujangasana. After getting the cobra pose, bend both the legs inside. Hold your legs touching your back with hands. Now, raise your head and upper body to the maximum level you can. Your stomach should touch the floor, giving you a balancing support. Needless to say, the entire weight of the body is placed on stomach! It is one of the best yoga poses to reduce belly.

Most of these yoga poses to reduce belly involves working with stomach. Besides, these poses also reduce the thighs, shape your butt and improve overall physique.

Perform these yoga poses to reduce belly with ten repetitions each. Start and end your yoga practice with deep breathing. Including sun salutation to warm up you.

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