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There is an increasing in demand for the wearable devices. Of course, the increase in consciousness [..]


An artificial heart is used as temporary heart during the heart surgery as well as permanent replace [..]


Wearable technology is the latest gig in the health trends. Technology spread its wings almost in ev [..]

therapeutic cloning

The word cloning is obviously related with a replica image of an animal or a human being or simply a [..]


Hybrid operating rooms, the state-of-the-art technology facilitates a breakthrough in the surgical p [..]

Location based computing

Location based computing or location based services is seen as strategic marketing services. However [..]

Smart Pills

Smart Pills! In the era of smart gadgets and technology empowering the medical industry, wearable te [..]

cutting edge technologies

The dramatic growth of technological inventions, advancements and breakthroughs benefitted the healt [..]

stress relief yoga

Skin is the body’s largest and more sensitive organ. Skin reflects the overall health condition of [..]


Optogenetics, can be simply called controlling a specific brain neurons with light! Optogenetics is [..]

wearable e-skin

The buzz is all around wearable technology. The certainty of the future can be guaranteed by the wea [..]

digestive sensors

The quest for enhancing the quality of the healthcare and medical services is increasing. Medical in [..]