Cancer Prevention 101 – Anti-Cancer Protocol

Cancer, the malignant tumors have been threatening the life of thousands of people in the recent years. Almost every individual in the world is exposed with the risk of developing some form of cancer at some point of life. It makes wise to stay cautious than becoming prey to cancer. Cancer cells don’t grow and spread all over the body overnight! The attributing factor to spread of cancer like a viral disease is nothing but the dramatic changes in lifestyle and alarming food habits.  Fortunately, most forms of cancer are preventable even if you have a family history of cancer.

Cancer Prevention 101 :

Here is your comprehensive guide to brace yourself from the dreadful hands of cancer.

Cancer Prevention 101 – DIET – Check out what you eat

The foods we eat contribute mostly to developing cancer. High fat foods, junk foods, sugary and carbonated beverages etc increases the risk of developing endometrial cancer.  Remember, obese people are posed with higher risk of developing cancer. Avoid or at least reduce the intake of processed foods.

Increase the consumption of healthy foods, like more fresh fruits and vegetables, which might help you, reduce the risk of cancer risk. Load up lots of greens and dark green vegetables in your refrigerator; plan every meal with one portion of greens to stay away from developing cancer.

Cancer Prevention 101 – Brace Your Life with Anti-Cancer ProtocolPeriodic examination: Cancer Prevention 101 

Periodic health screening is a must to detect cancer at an early stage. People with the history of cancer in the family should have health check once in a year. Women above the age of 30 years should self examine their breasts every time after their menstruation their period. Also, mammography becomes essential to screen for breast cancer.

Cancer Prevention 101 : Reduce the exposure to chemicals / toxins and harmful substance

We are exposed to chemicals and harmful substances in various facets of life. For instance, drinking bottled water is harmful to health. Filtered tap water at home is healthier and less exposed to carcinogens than bottled water.  Storage of water in the plastic bottles makes it more harmful. Storage of water in stainless steel or copper (a healthier option) reduces chemical contamination.

Avoid unnecessary scans or X rays to reduce radiation. Medical technologies are boon to mankind. CTs, MRIs and X Rays are diagnostic tools to provide accurate treatment. However, they cause radiation. Frequent scans pose high risk of leukemia.

Avoid cosmetics and heavy makeup with chemicals. Choose natural cleaning productions, from all purpose cleaners, dish washing liquid, air freshen, floor cleaner, etc. Go for organic food to avoid eating toxic substances.

While toxins or exposure to chemicals don’t cause cancer, they reduce the immunity and set the path to grow cancer cells.

Cancer Prevention 101: Add spices to your meal

Most of the spices contain anti-cancer properties. Adding spices not just make your meal aromatic and delicious but also healthy. The rate of colon cancer in India is too low and it is due to adding turmeric in the meals. Ginger, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, cloves, basil, etc contain anti-cancer properties.

Cancer prevention 101 – Quick fixes to your lifestyle

  • Gradually cut down smoking and put an end to smoking.
  • The above principle applies to drinking. Needless to say, alcohol consumption is injurious to health. Drink alcohol in moderation.
  • Ensure to get physically active. Cancer cells find it too hard to enter the well-oxygenated body.
  • Avoid sun exposure from 11 am to 3 pm.
  • Non-malignant tumors may simply convert into malignant tumors in a body with full of diseases, so get rid of ailments with proper medications and improve your lifestyle.

A word to remember! Early detection of tumor cells in the body itself is a method of preventing the further aggravation and consequences of cancer.

Cancer prevention 101 – the anti cancer protocol is very simple! Stay active, stay healthy and stay happy to stay away from cancer.

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