Daily Habits that Kills You Slowly

Have you ever thought about your daily habits? Your routines? Your everyday activities? Now, it’s the time to create a checklist and eliminate those daily activities kills you gradually! Yes. Not many aware about the shocking fact that some common daily habits and activities are more likely to turn fatal. Most of us just go without caring about the consequences. They are very usual, regular and we tend to ignore it without having a deliberation to focus on them.

Read on the X Daily Habits that is killing you slowly!

Irregular Sleep Routine

Sleep is vital for a healthy body and a healthy mind. This gains the first priority in this list. Watching movies, chatting, browsing, late night parties, etc until the sun rise, then rushing to work, school and office, simply transforms our lives for worse.

Simply, inadequate sleep makes you feel tired and weak. Our body needs a minimum of 3 weeks to repair itself to compensate the loss of one night’s sleep. Just imagine, how long the body would need to repair the damages caused due to irregular sleep pattern! Almost becomes impossible!

Our body has a mechanism, which includes sleep as a contributing factor to maintain the functions of vital organs in a normal phase. Interruption in this mechanism affects the normal functions.  Starting from stress and acute depression, irregular sleep routine may affect the cardiac health and brain functions very quickly.

Stick to a routine to boost your health and stay in good health!

Daily Habits – Are you Sitting? 

Yes, sitting may kill you! It is like a slow poison that gradually spreads throughout your body and reduces the efficiency of every organ. It causes a kind of immobility, distressing the blood flow in the body.

Although we live in a world with fast paced life, we spend most of the time sitting before computers!  People who sit for hours are more exposed to develop stress, depression, obesity, knee pain, swelling, etc, which are just starters!

The major part of the body that is affected by sitting throughout the day is bones, especially hip and neck bones. You have heard some famous stories about neck pain, chronic back pain, disc bulge, etc very often. The victim is you, sitting!  It is regarded as a new form of ‘Smoking!’ which is fatal! Also, sitting worsens the existing diseases in the body. Sitting for several hours a day sets a strong foundation for sedentary lifestyle.

Daily Habits that are harmful – Bad Posture 

The increasing usage of tablets, SmartPhones, laptops, etc apparently affects the spine and neck. Not many aware that maintaining the right posture is one of the healthiest things you can have.

Bad posture not just affects the bones, but also causes muscular strain. Improper functions of spine, pain and strain, additional pressure to the cervical region, muscular problem, discomfort, rigidity in the whole body, etc are a few severe problems we encounter with bad posture.

Make sure you adapt the right posture when you sit.

Avoid taking Pain Killers as daily habits 

Pain killers, the popular over the counter drug have become a medical fad! Head ache? Back Pain? Knee Pain? Sore Joints? Wanna Sleep? Just for everything, go and get your dose of pain killers! This is just happening everywhere.

Pain killers although meant to relieve you from pain, it is dangerous to rely on painkillers for everything. They are addictive! You may simply get overdosed with a painkiller. Acetaminophen is the major component in a painkiller. However, it is widely used as a common ingredient in many medicines. The overdose severely injures the liver and even leads to liver failure.

Make sure to consult with a doctor before you take any painkiller. Also, don’t consume the pills more than what is prescribed.

Don’t panic that you are ruined. It all needs minor changes in your daily habits to lead a healthy life.

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