Hybrid Operating Rooms-The New Era of Surgical System

Hybrid operating rooms, the state-of-the-art technology facilitates a breakthrough in the surgical procedures. The way of medical practice and procedures are extensively influenced by the changing technology in the field. Hybrid Operating Room is an outcome of the progressions and blend of technology.

Hybrid Operating Rooms – Fully Equipped Surgery Room

Hybrid operating room is nothing but a surgery room or typically called as an operation theatre . It is equipped with advanced medical equipments and imaging devices. For instance, a surgical theatre is completely equipped with devices for MRI Scan, CT Scan, C-Arms, etc. The availability of these devices in an operating room enables minimal invasive surgery even in case of a complicated procedure. Simply, it can be defined as a high-tech operating room with diagnostic and imaging facility.

Hybrid operating rooms provide innumerable benefits both to the patients and the medical professionals. It doesnt pose a necessity to shift a patient from the surgical theatre to another room during the surgical process. It enables performing different procedures simultaneously.

Scope of Hybrid Operating Rooms

Hybrid operating rooms enables performing the following surgical procedures effortlessly.

  • Cardiovascular procedures
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Complicated Peripheral interventions
  • Orthopedic trauma etc

Enabling Minimal Invasive Procedure

Minimal invasive surgery refers to the least possible amount of intervention. Minimal invasive surgery in the patient’s body reduces the damages. As a result, a specific part of the organ or specific part of the body can be incised for procedure. Visualization of the tiny parts of the body is enabled (for example, blood vessels). For example, using an endoscopy or ultrasound during a surgical procedure. Insertion of catheters is sufficient to perform the procedure, without incising the body. It is just possible to perform a cardiac surgery with a catheterization instead of the complicated open heart surgery.

Spontaneous Decisions and Improved Surgical Care

A few surgical procedures need interventional imaging during the procedure. For instance, cardiovascular surgery. Interventional imaging techniques ease the procedure. It reduces the number of the hours the surgery is performed. Also, it increases the chances of successfully completing a surgery. In simple terms, the technology and medical practice used in a radiology centre of a hospital is blended with the operating room, creating an all-in-one surgical care! Surgeons can easily collaborate with the medical specialists. For instance, radiologists, sonologists and pathologists or other medical professionals during a procedure. The surgeon can get immediate reports based on the instant real-time images. The instant reports enable making spontaneous diagnosis, followed by providing therapies. This configuration is highly advantageous for the patients who need more than on surgical procedure in a same session. This facilitates quickness of the interventional procedure, instantaneous assessment and spot decision on diagnosis and treatment. So it is quite obvious in providing quality surgical care.

Enhanced Quality of Patient Care

Hybrid operating rooms enhances the quality of the services extended to patients and overall patient care. The dynamic and hi-tech operating rooms not just help the patients. It also reduce the length of the surgical procedure and the associated complications. It facilitates complete flexibility to perform various procedures. Since the need for removing patient from the theater to imaging room is eliminated, it ensures patient’s safety.

Benefits of Hybrid Operating Rooms for Patients

  • Quick procedures
  • Reduced down time
  • Quick recovery
  • Minimal invasive procedure
  • Reduced cost

Yet, setting up hybrid operating rooms is not an easy task. It calls a huge sum towards investing in setting up hybrid operating rooms. It needs flawless plan, spot-on configuration and a perfect design.

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