Printing Skin – A Realistic Skin Cure

Skin is the body’s largest and more sensitive organ. Skin reflects the overall health condition of a person. Skin is a defensive organ that prevents damages to the internal organs.

Printing Skin – A Promising and Realistic Cure for Burn Victims and Severe Skin Damages

The skin cells and tissues protect the body from loss of fluids, excessive heat and infection. It is exposed to too many damages, starting from simple dryness of skin, bruises to genetic damages and skin burns. The scope of treating skin damages is limited to fixing the health skin removed from any part of the body, more commonly from thighs. Besides, cosmetic procedures have a very limited scope in treating the skin damages. However, these aren’t really sufficient to treat the burn victims and severe injuries to the skin. The solution is arrived in form of bio-printing technology, an outcome of bio-technology and bio-engineering research. This is a new facet and an advanced approach in 3D printing.

Bio-printing skin has been tried and tested in the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine, North Carolina. The process has been initiated for healing the burnt scars and wounds of the armed forces personnel. Now, it has set a path of revolution in helping the people with severe damages in the skin!

Bio printing skin – A Boon for Burn Victims

Treating the scar tissues of the skin in patients suffering from accidental burns, chronic injuries in road accidents, war victims, etc is difficult. While the internal wounds could heal, the skin blemishes and leaves a permanent scar in the external layer of the skin. The extent of damages to the skin makes it difficult to restore the natural skin. Besides, the depth of the wound or fire injury takes a long time to heal. Harvesting the skin from other parts of the body is the only available solution to increase the speed of healing and recovery from the burns. Unfortunately, extraction of skin many times becomes insufficient to cover the damaged skin. The solution invented into form of bio printing skin, the artificial skin!

Burn victims, regardless of the extent of the injury can get a new, fresh and blemish free skin with bio printing technology. A patch of natural skin is sufficient to generate skin cells for printing skins. Using the bio printed skin heal the burns quickly, and eliminates the risk of developing a permanent scar.

Besides, it is completely a regenerating approach to fetch new life for people who was badly injured. See the above image!

Burn victims get a new life with new skin, harnessing the power of bio printing technology.

A comprehensive remedial tool for skin disorders

Skin disorders are plenty. There are some degenerative skin conditions that have no treatment. It is impossible to reverse the skin ailments in case of vitilogo, psoriasis and other extreme skin conditions that leave a permanent damage on the skin. The people who struggle leading a normal life with skin conditions like psoriasis can get the most from the bio printing skin. Besides, there is potential scope to use the printed skin in skin cancer patients.

How it works:

Inkjet printers are back in use to print human skin! Yes, the good old inkjet printers are being used to generate the artificial skin. An advanced 3D inkjet printer uses the skin cells to print the grafts of the skin. A patch of undamaged skin is fed into the machines to replicate the natural skin. The printers create uniform, flawless and large scale tissues using the bio-engineering technology, appearing very similar to natural skin.  In addition to printing the skin cells and tissues, the printers also produce hair follicles as well as sweat glands. Guess what, a burn victim get hands on treatment with artificial bio printing skin grafts!

The beauty of bio printing skin is generating the skin grafts suitable for different layers of skin, from outermost layer of skin to innermost layer, dermis!

The future of Bio Printing – Printing Organs

The future of printing skin is obviously printing organs. Already, there is plenty of studies developed to explore the possibilities of printing organs, where sample models have been developed in printing artificial eyes, bones, kidneys etc.

With the researches mounting on generating the flawless modules on artificial organs, the blend of bio printing organs would be a milestone achievement in the medical technology!

Bid adieu to skin damages!  

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